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Ten development trend of water parks-Analysis from Chimelong Water Park and Universal Studios Volcano Bay Water Park - Trend three

Ten development trend of water parks-Analysis from Chimelong Water Park and Universal Studios Volcano Bay Water Park - Trend three

The third trend, the night market potential is highlighted. Especially for the water park, Huachuang has published the idea that “the night is a gold mine”, and we believe that the water park also has this trend. At present, more than half of the tourists in many water parks have entered the park at night, and there have been cases of upside down tourists. These water parks are all in the city, all of them are urban water parks. In the survey, it was found that tourists should come to the water park at night, and the cheap night tickets are not the most important. People are available in the evening, and the temperature in the evening is cooler. This is the two most important prerequisites. People's consumption and pressure are needed to be released a very good condition since the evening is a feeling that can brew people,  the Chinese market in the water park at night is a very big feature, and the development is getting better and better.

A few years before the electric syllables, it was a relatively unfamiliar word. In the past few years, there have been more than 80 games in the country every year to more than 80 games last year. There are more than 150 games this year, which are increasing rapidly. This reflects two situations. First, everyone has a little follow-up. Most of the water parks this year are doing syllables, or music-related activities. As soon as there is a successful precedent, start learning and copying. We expect that the syllables must have a process of survival of the fittest, and some syllables must become brands, and some syllables are eliminated. Second, the electronic syllables are naturally matched with the water parks and theme parks. Just like the theme parks do Halloween, young people like Halloween so they did this activity. The characteristics of the syllables are not like traditional concerts. They attract tourists through big-name stars, but attract tourists through the atmosphere. What do you most like to ask tourists to play in the water park? He does not necessarily say the name, he said to play with water, play in the water, make waves.

At present, there are no mature brands in the domestic electronic syllables. For example, the Halloween like Happy Valley, many young people in Shenzhen will organize the day when they remember it from October to October. I don't care what the name of the haunted house is this year, or what kind of ghosts there are in this year's haunted house. He likes this atmosphere. Domestically, the syllables are still like concerts. For example, this time there are big stars to do activities more successfully, if there is no big star effect is a little worse. The DJ of the syllable is very critical, and the atmosphere created by the good DJ and the bad DJ is very different. We hope that in the future, we can see a representative brand of electronic syllables.
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