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How should children

How should children's water park equipment be designed?

How should children's water park equipment be designed?
The first is the terrain. The changing terrain can surprise the children by rolling, diving, gliding, hiding, etc. Therefore, in the design, the existing elevation changing terrain can be used and strengthened, or it can be caused by artificial fluctuations. Terrain. If there is a sudden change in slope, consider using a terrain to design the slide. The flat ground can be used for sports grounds. Children prefer flat open pavement to adults, so they can hop on the floor and chase each other.
The second is the water body. The water body design of children's water park equipment generally adopts the natural type. Natural shorelines and barges are an environment for hands-on training for children of all ages. The water cannot be too deep. Set up according to age or height. Pools of different depths (20-50cm) to ensure the safety of children.
Finally, the equipment, all water park equipment should be based on safety first, the purpose of cultivating and training children's physique and adventurous spirit. Most of the appliances are made of wooden or metal pipe components, round ends, smooth edges and corners, stable structure, and suitable scale .
Water park equipment company should carefully observe, from the perspective of children, design children's water park equipment more humane, so as to attract more children to play.

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