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How to build a water park? The detailed process is here-1

How to build a water park? The detailed process is here-1

Water park is one of the most popular theme tourism products in recent years. Generally speaking, the construction period of the water park is 6 to 18 months, the first two years are the return period, and the third year is the profit period. If the water park has been in a non return state, it has a direct relationship with its scheme planning and planning. How to better and faster promote the project construction and realize the landing operation? Here is a summary of the following eight processes.

Investment cost

1. Site and civil cost           

The site cost and civil construction cost of the water park are the largest proportion of the investment of the water park, usually accounting for more than half of the total investment, of which the construction cost of the civil construction part and the equipment cost of the water park account for about 1.8:1.           

2. Equipment investment           

Including water slide, wave making equipment, water playing equipment and other supporting facilities. The cost of water park equipment is second only to that of site civil engineering.            3. Operating cost investment           

Including labor, advertising, service and other costs, operation planning can be adjusted by itself.

Water park design process

1. Investment planning           

Investigate the market, economy and peer competition of the project site, determine the market positioning of the project, determine the reasonable investment amount of the project and the investment ratio of each functional module.           

2. Brand planning           

According to the idea of investment planning, based on market positioning and attraction building, determine the project brand strategy and competition strategy. From the perspective of target consumer groups and future marketing of the project, entertainment creativity is carried out, the highlights and selling points of the project are planned, and differentiation is created.            3. Design planning           

According to the idea of investment planning and brand planning, we will transition to design implementation, and comprehensively organize and deepen the design content around the characteristics and differences of the project. Determine the construction content and functional zoning, select the architectural style, cultural theme, water park equipment and analyze the feasibility, and provide the requirements or guidance on the control technical indicators for the follow-up design.            

4.General planning and design           

Through the general planning design drawing to express the construction content and layout of the project, determine the spatial position relationship of each functional area of the project and the connection relationship with the outside, propose the main landmark building modeling scheme and important node landscape scheme, point out the design key points, and reasonably arrange the water park equipment.           

5. Preliminary design           

According to the general planning design drawing, the specific design of the zone will be deepened, the key contents of entertainment creativity and core project will be detailed, and the technical solutions and main parameters will be determined.           

6. Construction drawing design           

Prepare detailed general drawings, detailed drawings of disciplines and construction budget, and express technical requirements such as specific dimensions, materials and practices of each detail.

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