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Water park equipment marketing, make good use of advertising

Water park equipment marketing, make good use of advertising

Water park equipment is a new type of leisure and recreation project which has sprung up in China in the past 20 years. It takes water as its theme and integrates leisure and recreation. It is a hydrophilic leisure and recreation project suitable for both men and women, old and young. Because of the climate, the operation time of water park has obvious seasonal characteristics. In order to attract more tourists in a limited time, we need to master certain skills.           

Advertising is the first step of marketing promotion. Almost all children's amusement parks make overall publicity plans every year, and have corresponding advertising investment budget. Advertising propaganda includes shooting of theme image advertisements, TV advertisements, newspaper advertisements, radio advertisements, magazine advertisements, TV subtitle advertisements, electronic Kanban advertisements, public transport advertisements and online advertisements. In the annual advertising plan, it is necessary to make the most effective combination and collocation of various forms of advertising and propaganda, and to evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of advertising and propaganda, so as to provide the basis for the adjustment of the next (season) annual advertising and propaganda plan.

Development of appropriate marketing channels for water park           

Sales promotion of water park can cooperate with many forces and develop more marketing channels. For example, cooperative tourist agencies, local enterprises related to the tourism industry, and network tourism platforms, such as donkey mothers and honeycombs, can offer some convenience or preferential treatment to each other, and introduce some tourist routes so that tourists can group to visit the water park.           

Continuous innovation while doing well in internal management           

A water park has always used the same water recreation facilities. It may be very hot at the beginning, but in a few years, people's enthusiasm will wane and tourists will gradually lose. In order to keep the water park hot and rising, adding fresh blood is the only way. Every 2-3 years of operation, water park needs to add new water recreation facilities. Through continuous renewal and innovation, it brings different feelings to tourists. It also needs to integrate unique culture and emotion into the project, so as to keep the water park hot and profitable.
Water park equipment
Water park equipment

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