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First part:Key issues in design and construction of water park

First part:Key issues in design and construction of water park

There are many problems involved in the design and construction of the water park. Here are some places that are easy to be ignored or made mistakes in the process.
1. Pipe network design
One of the biggest characteristics of the water park is that the underground is full of pipe networks. If the design of the pipe network is not good, it will bring many problems. For example, when opening of the park and found that the water is gone, it is the problem caused by the design of the pipe network or the damage of the pipe network.
There are several floors of things underground in the water park. Water, electricity, gas and all kinds of pipe networks are underground. Therefore, it is necessary to water park design the pipe network clearly, including the water treatment system and so on.

2. Sunshade and cooling design
In summer, tourists are in the environment of high temperature and insolation in the water park, so the design of shading and heatstroke prevention is very important for tourists' experience.

3. Design of water outlet
Why is the design of the backwater outlet put forward separately? If anyone who has operated the water park knows that the backwater outlet is one of the main factors that cause the death of tourists, more than drowning. In the past three years, six or seven deaths due to backwater outlets can be cited.
The first point to be paid attention to in the design of return port is that the port cannot be too large. If the flow is too large, people will be easily sucked. The second is to use the balance pool to balance the flow rate. The third point is that the backwater must be kept away from the places that tourists can touch. The fourth point is that the management of the return water outlet must be strict and it must be managed at different levels. According To eliminate the problems I just mentioned Lighting design

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