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Water park equipment safety measurement, the industry needs to be rectified

Water park equipment safety measurement, the industry needs to be rectified

The public's first impression of the water park equipment is often the popularity of a water park, the color, the flow of passengers, etc. In fact, it is even more unforgettable from the casualties and deaths caused by its safety accidents. Safety is the lifeline of a water park, and a serious safety incident can ruin a water park project.
The last five years have been the rapid development of water parks. News about water park safety accidents has also appeared frequently. Every time we see reports that children are injured or even killed during the water park, we will be worried. Is the water park really so unsafe?
The reason for this is that the negligence of the operator in the course of business is the most important factor leading to the occurrence of a security incident. In June this year, there was a safety incident in which the water park equipment was rolled up by the wind and the child fell from the air to cause serious falls. This was because the operators ignored the precautions regarding the use of the products of the water park manufacturers during the operation of the operators, resulting in illegal operation. Most water park merchants have such a description of the product: when there is wind in the outdoor, it is necessary to fix the windproof device. When the wind is greater than 5, it is necessary to consider stopping the operation, and the device for fixing the windproof belt must be firm and reliable.
In addition to the operator's failure to strictly follow the operating procedures to cause a safety incident, another important cause of a safety incident is the poor quality of the equipment. With the development of the industry, more and more businesses are engaged in the production of large-scale water park equipment. In order to successfully bid, low-price competition, in order to profit from it, cut corners in the production process. Some of the water park equipment manufacturers' product technology is not enough. Think about the water park rollover incident in Changsha last year. The merchant claims that the product weighs more than 2 tons, can withstand the 6-7 wind, and finally was overthrown by the wind. Serious group injuries, this really does not know what to say.
According to the summary and analysis of the safety accidents caused by the AQSIQ and the media big data, the following conclusions are as follows:
There are two main reasons for the safety accident:
1. Not operating strictly in accordance with the operating procedures;
2. The quality of the amusement equipment is inferior.
There are four uncommon causes of security incidents:
1. The visitor’s own mistakes;
2. External factors such as weather and climate;
3. Project construction and equipment installation leave hidden dangers;
4. Planning design mistakes.

The author visited several water parks this year to conduct a safety experience test. No accidents have found many problems. According to the water park observations of the author for many years, these problems are common phenomena, and the industry needs to be rectified!
TIPS: Water Park Safety Survey
Pool area
Many people jumped in front of the words "No diving"
Staff did not block while chatting
As soon as I entered the swimming pool area, I saw the words “No diving”, but with the sound of “squeaking and smashing”, the huge waves splashing through the water surface, I saw many people diving into the pool.
In the deep pool, not only the vertical sign, but also the ground is strictly prohibited to dive, but when I was present, at least 10 people dive into the pool. On the dining table next to the pool, the staff sat around and chatted and didn't stop.

High speed slide
Some tourists wear necklaces and watches
a child slides down after arm bleeding
The high-speed slide is a more exciting water project, divided into two types, one is the three-color competition slide, with a total length of 216 meters and a height of 10 meters. One is a high-altitude downhill slide with a total length of 62 meters and a height of 10 meters.
There are tourist notes and precautions written next to the slides. Some of them read: Do not wear glasses, watches and jewelry, or wear T-shirts into the slides (on a faster speedway, anything may happen Causes great damage); please leave quickly after sliding into the pool; visitors are less than 1.4 meters tall, children under the age of 12 should not use.
But in fact, none of the tourists wearing glasses were asked to take off their glasses, and some even wore necklaces, rings, watches, etc., but no staff asked them to take them down.
There are many children who have played back and forth on the tri-color competition slides many times. Some of them have not reached 1.4 meters and no staff has stopped. There was a child playing several times. After he came down, he kept his arm screaming and he had bleeding on his arm.
One of the female tourists wanted to play the high-altitude downhill slide, but her heart was a bit timid. Under the companion, she stood on the slide and brewed her emotions. The staff called her: Sit down! However, the female tourists stood for 2 minutes before they went down. This kind of standing is actually very dangerous, and if you accidentally drop it, it may be life-threatening.
The end of the slide was initially watched by the staff, but he quickly walked away. Many people stood on the slide to take pictures and shoot videos, but no one stopped. Some tourists slipped down, looked for shoes around, or did not leave the slide, and the tourists above were already sliding down, and the scene was a bit confusing.

Leather slide
Tourists did not sit in the right way
The skin has already entered the slide. The tourists almost fell.
The Pipa slide is also a more exciting project, that is, a group of two people sit on the skin and quickly slide into the pool from the slide. Pay special attention to sitting posture when riding this kind of leather jacket. The person sitting in front of the leather jacket puts his foot outside the skin, and pulls the handle of the leather jacket with both hands. The person behind the leather jacket needs to put the foot into the front position and try to fix it. Live, his hands pull the other handles.
At that time, there was a group of tourists. The people in the back seat put their feet in the leather position. The staff did not guide and correct the sitting position, let the skins enter the slide, while the rear tourists almost fell off when adjusting the sitting position. In the middle.
At the end of the Pipa slide, the staff was shaving their beard under the shed.

Water park equipment
Water park equipment from HAISAN

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