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Five misunderstandings in water park management must be avoided

Five misunderstandings in water park management must be avoided

There are many operators who have just started to manage water parks. They will encounter problems of this kind or that when operating water park equipment, which will affect their income and make themselves feel at a loss. They find that running a water park is not what they want. simple. But at the same time, seeing other water parks operating vividly, is it confusing. In fact, only when the business problems are found can the right medicine be prescribed to solve the crisis.

Below, a brief analysis of several major misunderstandings that may be encountered in the operation of the water park project.

Misunderstanding 1 . There is a lack of necessary market research in the early stage, the investment scale of the park is too large, and even partial vicious competition is formed

Some investors hold the comparison psychology of "there is no biggest, only bigger", believing that as long as the capital is in place, they will get rich returns, ignoring the relationship between investment and the market. As the scale of investment is larger, the number of tourists who maintain the normal operation of the water park will inevitably increase. Especially in third- and fourth-tier cities, the population and economic capacity are relatively insufficient, and it is impossible to support an oversized water park equipment. For example, a certain place in Hunan is preparing to build a new water park and is positioned to build the world's largest water park. Therefore, the planned area of the light water park is 1,000 acres, of which the wave pool occupies an astonishing 200 acres.

In recent years, some investors have seen that the overall domestic amusement market demand is strong, regardless of the local market development law, blindly launching water park projects, will eventually lead to vicious competition in local water parks, resulting in unnecessary waste of funds. According to statistics, in 2017, there will be five water parks in Chengde, Hebei that have opened or are about to open. In a third- and fourth-tier city like Chengde, what can support the simultaneous operation of five water parks?

Misunderstanding 2 . The planning of the water park is unreasonable and the flow of tourists is not smooth

Some developers spend a large amount of money budgets on purchasing water amusement equipment, and insufficient investment in water park design, theme packaging, operation and management. Some park visitors have unreasonable flow planning, poor tours and even the entire park in the summer under the scorching sun, resulting in poor tourist experience and a high complaint rate, laying the root of the problem for the operation of the water park. For example, a water park in a fourth-tier city in Zhejiang bought a full set of water amusement equipment imported from Canada. The construction cost of the park reached 400 to 500 million yuan, which caused the investment recovery of the park to be indefinite. Another example is a water park in Guizhou, which was constructed without considering the effect of summer shading. As a result, the shading problem has become the most complained issue of tourists after one year of operation.

Misunderstanding  3. The park ticket price is too high, and the tourist revisit rate is low

According to the "Water Park Consumption Survey Report" in the 2015 Bulletin of Jiangsu Province, 85% of the water park tickets cost more than one hundred, and the secondary consumption is too high. Some developers hope to quickly recover costs through high ticket prices, but excessively high ticket prices often exceed the psychological tolerance of tourists and become a "blocker" for tourists to play in the water park.

Misunderstanding  4. The park lacks themed packaging and its overall appeal is limited

On the surface, the construction of water parks across the country has been extremely popular in recent years, and water parks have been opened intensively. However, most of the water parks developed lack distinctive themes and cultural creativity. Most of them are pure water amusement equipment piled up, using real estate development and construction ideas and techniques. Planning, construction, and operation of water parks; leading to serious homogeneity of some water parks, insufficient overall attractiveness, and limited market attractiveness.

Misunderstanding  5. The project product portfolio is single and the seasonal effect is obvious

One of the biggest characteristics of water park is its strong seasonality and relatively short operating hours. Every summer, tourists flock to the park, but in winter and spring, the park can only be closed. Basically, the operating time of water parks in various provinces is about 3-6 months. The single product attribute makes the water park distinct in winter and summer, and the seasonal effect is obvious.

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