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Enjoy water park night in summer from HAISAN water slide supplier

Enjoy water park night in summer from HAISAN water slide supplier

Summer is coming. It's a season full of sweat and challenges for the practitioners of water park. The operating season of outdoor water park from HAISAN water slide supplier is only a few months in summer, and the peak and hottest time is July and August. For most water park, this is the golden season, and also the opening season of water park night.           

With the rapid development of economy and more selectivity of employment, the rhythm of life and habit of modern urban people has been changed. Night is becoming the best time for people's social, gathering, catering, entertainment, shopping and other life needs. In many cities, for young people, the carnival has just begun when night falls.           

July and August are hot in summer. Water Park provides people with the best place to cool off the heat and stimulate happiness. The night venue of water park add time dimension, without the hot sunshine during the day, so that people busy with work and study during the day have sufficient time to enjoy the cool summer night!           

Statistical data show that the number of water park night visitors in many southern cities has exceeded 50% of the total number of visitors! This fully demonstrates the importance of water park night venues. So, what does a water park night show have to do to be attractive?

Water Park Night Stadium "Magic One": Lighting           

Lighting is the most gorgeous costume of water park night. When the night is opened and the lights are lit, it presents a totally different visual feast, or a magnificent dream, or a romantic beauty, or a magical shock, or a mysterious fairy tale...           

The first part talks about the main points of water park nightclub construction, and the next part talks about the pricing strategy of water park nightclub.           

Pricing Strategies of Water Park Night Stadium           

Water amusement park usually operates from 10:00 to 22:00 in summer, and the opening time of night venue is 17:00. The fare of night venue is 20%-30% lower than that of day venue. The specific pricing needs to be analyzed.

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