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The Scheme for Surf Pool Construction

The Scheme for Surf Pool Construction

Generally speaking, an air-type surf pool is the best choice for entertainment surf pools to create waves. The wave pool machine mainly consists of air chamber, fan, valve mechanism, air pipe system or pressure storage chamber, control system, etc. . It is characterized by simple structure, reliable usage, convenient maintenance and pollution free.

Major Equipment of Surf Pool

1) Wave-making main engine
2) System control console
3) PLC programmable controller
4) Pneumatic actuator system
5) Special control cabinet for main engine
6) Special double butterfly valve mechanism
7) Actuator gas supply system
8) Ventilation silencing system
9) Air piping system
10) Throttle regulating mechanism

Basic steps and rules of wave-making by water pressure.

1. Full fill the reservoir of the circulating system.
2. Replenish the hydraulic chamber. The electric control system sends signals to open the sluice gate mechanism. Then the reservoir starts to transfer water to the hydraulic chamber. When it levels up to the preset pressure, signals sent again to the sluice gate mechanism to close.
3. Release the hydraulic chamber. The electric control system signals the hydraulic release gate mechanism to open. Then the water from the hydraulic chamber rushes into the wave-making pond from a height of 6-9m, forming a huge wave valley.
4. The system instructs the release gate to close after a-few-second opening.
5.  Repeat step 2,3 and 4 to form the next wave.
6. The size and shape of the wave can be regulated by the frequency of units and the water level of the hydraulic chamber. Although there are plenty forms of waves, choosing 2- 4 from them is generally appropriate in consideration of the size of the pool and the waves attenuation. Wave-makers of vacuum type or water pressure type can produce waves of 2-3 meters high.

Advantages: a grand momentum with a faint noise (in match with air pressure type )
Disadvantages: a complex structure with high costs, extra protective measures and a low frequency (2-20 minutes). To mention it, the higher the frequency, the higher the cost.

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