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The second part:Key issues in design and construction of water park

The second part:Key issues in design and construction of water park

Water park design case picture

1. Equipment packaging, entertainment and interactive design
The original water park generally has no packaging design, that is, the equipment will be opened when it is installed. Now the water park begins to develop in the direction of theme, and equipment packaging should be connected with entertainment design and interactive design.
Why do tourists enjoy the Chimelong water park in China? One of the designs is related to the interactive design of entertainment. For example, many of its devices are added to a photography platform, so that people who play and people who watch can interact with each other, so that tourists can have a better experience.

2. Streamline design
Some water park designs are especially tangled. For example, there are ticket sales, gate entry, release of starting bracelet, storage and shopping in the newly entered place, and then return of card. Several links take place in the gate area, and there will be congestion in this area. When there are many tourists, it will take an hour or two even to return the card, so the streamline design is very important.
Sometimes, because the popular design of the park is unreasonable, it is impossible to take emergency measures. People without operation experience can't understand why streamline design should be adopted at all, so when doing the development of water park, people with quite mature experience must provide consultants.

3. Design of green landscape
Green landscape design itself is very clear, but the water park green landscape design has several special things to pay attention to.
The first one can't grow thorny plants. The second is to use evergreen plants as much as possible. Third, it is not easy to recruit insects. Stung is one of the important factors of accidental injury of tourists in water park.

Water park design case picture

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