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Supplier Selection of Water Park Equipment

Supplier Selection of Water Park Equipment

1. The manufacturer's credit qualification inquiry of water park equipment

To understand whether a business is reliable, first of all, we need to understand the basic information of the business. Investors can visit the national enterprise credit information disclosure system to check whether the manufacturer is an officially registered company, the manufacturer's registration time and registered capital. These basic information can be used as a reference for judging whether the enterprise has strength and whether the manufacturer is a general taxpayer, which is also very important.

Currently, there is a jumble of water park equipment manufacturers, many of which are not eligible for production. Enterprises with production qualifications must pass the environmental assessment of the Environmental Protection Bureau before applying for production and operation. The Environmental Protection Agency needs to review whether the raw materials, production sites, products, etc. meet the environmental protection requirements, which can be seen from the business license.

For customers, they should choose a manufacturer with production qualifications on the business license. Water amusement park equipment produced by unqualified manufacturers are counterfeit and shoddy "three-nothing" products, and will bear huge risks in the actual business process.

2. What is the strength of water park equipment manufacturers?

Through the first step of basic information inquiry, investors have a preliminary understanding of the manufacturer, but whether the manufacturer has real and reliable production capacity can not only rely on the network to observe and understand.

Some manufacturers just steal the creativity of brand manufacturers, but they do not have the core R&D and design capabilities. In the absence of core technical support, one can think about the quality of the products produced in a hurry. When investors choose a water park equipment supplier, if possible, they can go to conduct an on-site inspection to confirm whether the strength of the manufacturer is genuine and reliable.

3. Is the after-sales service of water park equipment enterprises perfect?

When buy water park equipment, we should choose a manufacturer with many customer cases, a wide customer area and a long sales history. These water park equipment manufacturers have accumulated rich experience in the operation and management of water parks. They will not only provide investors with products and equipment, but also formulate reasonable project planning schemes based on the specific needs of customers, assist customers to expand various profit points, and improve the overall competitiveness of the project. Investment and operation can be a strong guarantee and long-term development.

In order to improve the after-sales service system, for the investors of the water park, purchasing products is only the first step in the operation of the water park, which requires on-site installation guidance and professional debugging. Throughout the operation of the water park, there will be regular inspections by after-sales service personnel.

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