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How Can Small Cities Which Have No Water Park Projects Take Advantage of the Market Quickly?

How Can Small Cities Which Have No Water Park Projects Take Advantage of the Market Quickly?

In smaller cities that have no water park project, as long as the urban population of the main urban area is more than 200,000, there are huge market opportunities. The developers of water parks should also deal with the market competition and threat of latecomers in order to prevent them from overtaking them. In order to quickly occupy the market of water park market, the following points need to be noted: 

1. Investment scale 
Each water park developer should determine the investment scale of the park according to the local market demand and blind investment will only cause the project operation difficulty and capital waste. Based on the general smaller city spending power to speculate that the total investment of a new water park should be controlled within 50 million (not package price) advisable, park area within 100 mu, and the corresponding large parking lot. 

2. Amusement equipment 
In smaller cities, it is not recommended to buy expensive imported water amusement equipment and imported equipment will greatly increase the cost of building the park, which will greatly affect the investment recovery period of the park. In smaller cities, it will be the best choice for more advanced domestic water amusement equipment. 

3. Park tickets 
The main consumption motivation of urban water parks is that parents can meet the needs of children's playing water and the relatively high return rate of consumers. There are three or four tourists in this type of consumer group. In a smaller city, as a result of the overall income level relative to second-tier cities will not be too high, so the general consumption of three controls within 300 Yuan, the consumer prices are acceptable for most tourists. Adult ticket price is between 60 and 80 Yuan, half ticket price 30-40 Yuan, 40-60 Yuan ticket price can be accepted by most tourists. 

4. Theme stories 
The theme of this type of Water Park is to try to capture the commanding heights of regional culture. Pick up local household culture from the historical and cultural elements, tell a fun, ups and downs, the theme of the story, let visitors play in the process and put themselves into the story of the scene experience, through the theme of the story scene packaging to increase children's family tourist revisit rate. 

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