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Two kinds of development mode selection for water park

Two kinds of development mode selection for water park

The hot summer makes people more inclined to various water-related playgrounds. The emergence of water parks caters to this demand and can be said to be the top artifact in summer scenic spots. So for investors, what model should the water park choose to develop? Based on years of experience, the author has concluded two development models that are more suitable for water parks at this stage

1. Development mode selection from the perspective of operating mode

From the perspective of operating mode, there are two options for independently operating a single water park and non-independently operating supporting water parks. Relatively speaking, independently operating a single water park is more suitable for large tourist attractions where multiple projects gather, such as tourist complexes and large resorts. As one of the core projects of tourist attractions, the water park is relatively large in scale, with many products and water slide facilities and a self-contained system that can be operated independently. Non-independently operated supporting water parks are suitable for pass-type small and medium-sized tourist attractions, amusement parks, thematic theme parks (such as Ocean World), resort hotels, real estate communities, etc. The water park does not need to be operated independently and is only used as a supporting project.

2. Selection of development mode from the perspective of cultural content and landscape characteristics

From the perspective of cultural content and landscape characteristics, there are two types of theme water parks and non-themed water parks (traditional water parks). The theme water park is an advanced form of water park development. It takes water as the core, based on a specific cultural theme, combined with equipment, landscapes, and activities, using science and technology and methods to form a theme-based playground scenery and activities. A modern playground with water amusement activities, leisure elements and service facilities. Compared with traditional water parks, the difference between the two is mainly reflected in whether there is a theme culture embedded and operated in the landscape, equipment, operation, etc. The key to investing in theme water parks is to grasp the relationship with tourist attractions, especially in terms of site selection and interaction with scenic spots. The combination of theme and creative activities, creative landscape, and flexible marketing strategy is the key to the success of the theme water park.

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