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Water Park Consultation

Water Park Consultation

There are three points that are highly consistent among the design, construction and operation of a water park, investors and managers of the park and tourists:

Firstly, safety is always the first priority. As a special facility, it must get the qualification certification of the national authorities, and be checked and tested at all levels before put into operation.

Secondly, the sensory stimulation must be extraordinary, so tourists can experience the fun that they can never have at usual time.

Thirdly, the pleasure experience must be diverse and suitable for all kinds of people.

Fourthly, the amusement projects should be innovative and they should be updated periodically.

Haisan can make for you a totally different water park investment plan, according to the market demand, regional competition, city scale, traffic conditions and different concept of consumption.

1. Investment planning

We should study the tourism market, social economy and competitors, then determine the market positioning of the project. According to the principle of optimal return on investment, we should determine the reasonable investment quota of the project and the investment ratio of each functional module.

2. Brand planning

We should lock target consumer groups, identify their needs, create entertainment ideas, plan highlights of the project, and offer a unique experience for tourists from the perspective of future marketing, which is the key of creating the characteristics and distinctions of the project.

3. Design planning

Based on the characteristics and distinctions of the project, we should comprehensively organize and deepen the design. The core content is to put forward planning ideas, to determine the content of construction and function districts, and to choose architectural style, cultural theme and water recreation facilities, which should be analyzed infeasibility, providing guidance for the follow-up design of domain technical indexes in key functional areas.

4. Overall planning and scheme designing

Express the construction content and layout through the design of the overall planning. Determine the spatial relationship of each functional area and external connection. Put forward design schemes for the main landmark architectures and important landscape nodes. Points out the key points and reasonably arrange water amusement equipment.

5. Preliminary design

According to the overall planning and design drawing, we further deepen the detailed design of the districts, refine the key contents of entertainment creation and core projects, and set out the technical solution and main parameters.

6. Construction drawing design

The detailed general layout is drawn up; the detailed drawings and the budgetary estimation are made to express the specific requirements, such as the specific dimensions, materials and practices of the details. The goal is to guide the professional construction.

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