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Design of moving line of parking lot and entrance-4

Design of moving line of parking lot and entrance-4

Design of moving line of parking lot and entrance-4

Calculation of parking area of theme park

There are several ways to calculate the parking lot area of theme park, but they are generally calculated according to the instantaneous peak value of the park's tourist volume. We commonly use the way we call it "theme park market penetration method".

Available market(Residential market, Tourist market) x Market penetration = Project visitors

In the early stage, we need to get the annual tourist volume through a series of market research and analysis. This part of the analysis data includes the residential market and tourist market, and is analyzed and calculated according to the primary and secondary markets. After completion, we will refer to the penetration rate of similar products or similar products around. Finally, the annual tourist volume is obtained. According to the law of theme park, the instantaneous peak value is the core data to calculate the parking area;

We assume that the calculated instantaneous peak value is 7560 people. According to the analysis of the vehicles arrived by the early tourists, we can calculate the area and quantity of each parking lot.

Peak value 7560*40%/2.5=1210 Vehicle/375=3.2ha parking area

Summary: rigorous and reasonable design, efficient and intelligent operation, not only meet the needs of the parking function of the theme park, but also make tourists have a perfect first impression when they arrive conveniently.

Dynamic design of entrance

From the parking lot to the main entrance square of the park, the moving line should not be set too long. We have analyzed and summarized the principle of 300m 10 minute walk in the early stage, and tourists will start to feel uncomfortable if it exceeds this principle. It is suggested that we should consider setting up business types along the way to supplement the distance. The most common way is to do theme business. At present, the best and most famous theme parks are city walk of Universal Studios and downtown of Disney;

In addition to pedestrian transportation, we can consider setting up short bus transportation. Take Disney World Resort in Orlando for example, let's see what short-distance transportation modes are currently available in the theme park.            

Orlando Disney World Resort is the largest Disneyland in the world. Located in the suburb of Orlando, Florida, USA, it has 4 super large theme parks, 2 water parks, 32 resorts and 784 campgrounds. The whole Disney World Resort is connected by bus, rail car and other transportation.

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