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Development Trend of Water Park Equipment

Development Trend of Water Park Equipment

1. Happy family

The current water park is not only focused on pursuing "faster and more exciting". In recent years, the positioning of water park has changed significantly, from the initial target customers of teenagers to the current target customers, and the family parent-child customer group has increased significantly. The park also considers to increase the market of "family Reunion". This requires that the water park must be equipped with more interesting, leisure, interactive and group light water slides and water playing equipment.

2. Diversified sports

With the upgrading of experience requirements, a single body slideway can no longer meet the needs of tourists. At this stage, tourists are more inclined to choose rafts and other types of slideways as the play carrier, and choose more patterns and different types of slide combinations, which can bring a more exciting experience for tourists.

3. Theme of equipment

Consumers hope that the facilities in the park can become "storytellers".

4. High tech and multifunctional

Facing the market environment of highly segmented market, multi-functional industry combination, and the impact of intelligent wave, the equipment of water park should also cater to the current situation, for example, the combination of water park equipment and VR equipment can bring tourists a wonderful experience of immersive experience through VR equipment; the combination of water amusement equipment and intelligent wearable equipment can bring tourists passenger transport through the intelligent wearable equipment worn by tourists. The dynamic signs are combined with the wave making intensity of the mobile wave making pool. Water park equipment manufacturers should broaden their thinking, keep up with the trend of the times, and combine with many scientific and technological means to design and develop the most cutting-edge products in the market.

5. More powerful interactive experience and intelligence

They have automatic systems, such as water slide traffic management and signal light system, sensor system, timing system, control switch, special effects and media elements, including audio-visual effects and augmented reality.

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