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Three Methods to Identify Water Park Equipment Manufacturers

Three Methods to Identify Water Park Equipment Manufacturers

Over time, the water park industry has unknowingly developed for decades. In the process of development, water park equipment manufacturers have been innovated and continuously developed fun equipment, allowing visitors to have a rich and colorful experience in the process of playing. We all know that some large-scale equipment is installed in the open air, which has different weather effects such as wind, sun and rain. Under the influence of these reasons, it is always the manufacturer's first consideration to ensure the service life of the equipment. problem. So how can investors choose high-quality, long-life water park equipment that does not deteriorate after long-term use? The following Haisan Amusement will teach investors three methods of identification.

1. To identify the credit qualification of the water park equipment manufacturer

To know whether a manufacturer is reliable, the first thing to know is the basic information of the company. Investors can visit the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System to check whether the manufacturer is a formal registered company, the manufacturer's registration time and the registered capital. This basic information can be used as a reference for judging whether a company has the strength, and whether the manufacturer is a general taxpayer, which is also important.

At present, water park equipment manufacturers are in different levels, and many manufacturers do not have production qualifications. Companies with production strength need to pass the environmental assessment of the Environmental Protection Agency before they can apply for production and operation. The Environmental Protection Agency shall review them based on whether the raw materials, production sites, and products produced meet environmental protection requirements, which can be seen on the business license. For customers, they should choose manufacturers with production qualifications on their business licenses. Products produced by manufacturers without production qualifications are counterfeit and inferior "three-no" products, and they will bear great risks in the actual business process.

2. To identify the strength of the water park equipment manufacturer

After appraising the basic information through the first method, investors have a preliminary understanding of the manufacturer, but whether the manufacturer has a true and reliable production capacity cannot be observed and understood by the Internet alone.

Some manufacturers only plagiarize the creativity of brand manufacturers, and they do not have core R&D and design capabilities. Without core technical support, the quality of the products produced can be imagined. When investors choose a water park equipment manufacturer, if conditions permit, they can go to the manufacturer for on-site inspections to confirm whether the manufacturer's strength is true and reliable.

3. To identify the  water park equipment manufacturer's after-sales service

After investing in water parks, after-sales service is also an important part of ensuring that investors can operate worry-free. Imagine if there is a problem with the water amusement facilities purchased by investors, and the manufacturers pass the buck with perfunctory attitude, how can investors operate with peace of mind? Therefore, when inspecting the manufacturer on the spot, it is also necessary to know whether the manufacturer's after-sales service is complete and how to guarantee it.


When choosing a manufacturer, choose a manufacturer with various customer cases, a wide customer area, and a long sales history in aqua park. These manufacturers have accumulated rich experience in water park operation and management. They will not only provide investors with high-quality products and equipment, but also formulate reasonable project planning based on the specific needs of customers, and at the same time assist customers in expanding multiple profit points and improving the overall project competitiveness, so that investment and operation can have a strong guarantee and long-term development.

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