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Why is the Installation of Water Park  Equipment so Strict?

Why is the Installation of Water Park Equipment so Strict?

Both the manufacturers of water park equipment and the relevant national departments responsible for testing are strict to the installation of water park equipment. Whoever in charge of the installation and maintenance of water park equipment shall be qualified with the license of installation. Otherwise, it is forbidden. Purchasers shall choose qualified water park equipment manufacturers to order.

Why is the installation of water park equipment so strict?

1. Installation is as important as the quality of aqua park equipment.
As a matter of the safety operation, water park equipment installation, from a certain point compared to its quality, is more prone to problems with stable manufacturer processes and uncertain construction sites.

2. The later safety operation is subject to the installation of water park equipment.
Improper ways of installation will directly leave the later operation potential safety hazards. This is why there will be an agreement addressing all the  problems with exemption clauses signed by the purchaser if the equipment is not installed by its manufacturer.

3. That its installation withstands the test of the relevant departments assures the water park a qualified service entry.
Equipment ( height ≥ 2m) for large-scale water parks  is a special one, which demands not only the manufactures to have the qualification of manufacturing and the permit of installation and maintenance of special equipment but the inspection departments to check the qualifications and do afterward corresponding on-site testing. Only by living through all the tests can it be qualified to put into service.

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