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Compact Whirlwind Slide

Compact Whirlwind Slide

Compact Whirlwind Slide
  • Compact Whirlwind Slide
  • Compact Whirlwind Slide


The Compact Whirlwind Slide is a water slide specially designed for children's or families. Tourists take a seat on the children's round raft, grasp the handrails on both sides under their own gravity to slide down the slide with the water lubrication, and then enter inclined cone after a period of time, as if it is sucked into the eye by a tornado. The raft moves up and down in a spiral motion on the inner wall of the cone. When enters into the buffer section in the end of the body, the speed decreases gradually under the action of the water flow in the buffer section. Finally, it enters into the falling pool to complete some thrilling and exciting trips.

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