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How to maximize the influence of key projects

How to maximize the influence of key projects

How to maximize the influence of key projects

Theme park projects usually have some heavy-duty amusement facilities, such as roller coasters, innovative dark rides or characteristic multimedia attractions. There are usually three or five such scenic spots in the park, which have unforgettable story lines and special effects, sometimes designed around established IP products. These projects usually require longer waiting times in line and are capable of attracting tourists to experience. The operation of the park often makes use of these scenic spots to make the public have expectations before opening and become a new topic of media attention. In the case of expansion or reconstruction of the existing park, these key projects will certainly generate enough heat.

The key projects need a lot of investment, and the cost will occupy most of the park's budget. Considering the return on investment, this has put pressure on the design and management team. This kind of return often depends on the tourist experience, especially the amusement facilities introduced in the marketing, and tourists will have higher expectations. Because tourists will pay close attention to these amusement projects, the project team also needs to focus on them.           

In the development and design of scenic spots for decades, the development of the industry has become mature, but the basic criteria for the success of the project is still unchanged. The best projects have one thing in common: create lasting emotional resonance and influence for tourists through stories, experiences and immersion.

Ambitious project teams should also learn from classic projects. However, if you want to achieve high quality completion, please do not underestimate the necessary coordination and communication between disciplines. To achieve the best results, please closely coordinate each supplier's requirements for effects, equipment and scenarios during the design process. Remember that the infrastructure needed to install the effects needs to be effectively integrated before the construction can be completed. The project manager must take the initiative to ask all suppliers to coordinate their work, and adhere to the principle of doing things in person to achieve the best results.           

It takes creativity, leadership and experience to achieve a dream project attraction. Especially for novice project teams, arming themselves with knowledge will help. Our expertise in planning and design allows us to provide some guidance that might help the team.

Suggestion 1 field investigation and study           

I encourage spontaneous visits to theme parks and experience key projects, and suggest that novices and experienced people in the industry do the same. The best project I've experienced in the past few years is "flight of passage" in Disney Animal Kingdom. This project allows tourists to go deep into the scene, which is more perfect than any other project I have experienced. It is a perfect combination of technology and story. The design of the queuing area is also an outstanding model, which not only attracts the attention of tourists, but also reduces the waiting time of their perception, and initially establishes the understanding of the story background.           

Visiting the park can help you understand which projects are successful and which are not. Reading industry publications, attending forums and learning knowledge can improve your understanding of the project and help you become a better designer or project manager.           

Proposal 2 wise project planning and positioning           

On the basis of the preliminary feasibility study, select the appropriate project scenic spots according to the specific customer groups of the park. Analyze your market and define your target audience. The more accurate your forecast is, the more effective your budget allocation will be. For example: a park with young family customers may be more suitable for a well-designed family roller coaster than a thrilling roller coaster; a park with young and thrilling customers may prefer original power mechanical amusement facilities, as well as meticulous and charming dark riding projects. Careful planning at this stage helps to better allocate the budget and focus on developing projects that are best suited to the target market.

If this is the key project in your mind, then your passenger capacity estimation and departure frequency should be realistic. Generally, it is difficult to achieve the maximum forecast of the manufacturer. If the actual passenger capacity is lower than expected, it will lead to longer waiting time, which will affect the comfort of tourists. Please pay attention to this. In addition, efficient operation of staff training, including the steps to start the equipment, and how to quickly solve the unexpected problems faced by tourists (such problems always happen) are also crucial!           

In the planning of scenic spots, we should not only consider what kind of equipment to choose, but also consider retail, catering, tourist services and supporting facilities. The exit retail of a specific scenic spot often has a considerable sales profit; if the story theme conveyed by the scenic spot can resonate with tourists, then the effect of the exit store can be maximized, which is the best time to create the target commodity - the commodity should be related to the story and riding experience. For the thrilling roller coaster with few real story lines, the perfect tourist auxiliary facilities may be much better than the retail stores that can not bring tourists the desire to buy goods.           

Recommendation 3 selection of equipment           

The budget usually determines the choice of equipment and manufacturer. The equipment should be suitable for the customers in the expected market. Design and project teams need to recognize the importance of prioritizing several "heavyweight attractions" and focusing on investment, and the success of these projects will bring better market results. Quality ride manufacturers are essential, as are safety and maintenance histories. "The most exciting roller coaster in the world" is not good for the park if it often needs to stop for maintenance. You and your tourists will be disappointed.           

The same is true for non certified technology providers. For example, an uncalibrated VR experience device may cause physical discomfort. Balance your budget needs with quality and operational history and choose the projects that best suit you and your specific market segment.

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