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Control three aspects for water slide

Control three aspects for water slide

An ideal water park should allow visitors to experience different water slides in a certain period of time according to specific routes, and then visitors will get rich, continuous and rhythmic feeling of happiness. List three aspects as followings:

1. Emotional aspect

The design of the water slide should pay attention to the guidance of tourists' emotions, and avoid the negative emotions of tourists through rich amusement equipment and perfect service system. At the same time, by organizing excitement, forming a rhythmic mood change law and alternating between amusement equipment can enrich the daytime tourism. This can also extend the tour time, make up the night travel products and achieve "white + black" passionate all day long.

2. Service aspect

From the perspective of the commercial service of the water slide, it mainly includes photographs of landscape amusement nodes, performances and performances, and catering services. Such commercial service facilities should be arranged in popularity. Around the amusement equipment with high tourist waiting time, you can extend the play time and form a capacity buffer through the combination of these commercial service packages and amusement equipment. Well-planned business service facilities (catering, leisure, shopping) can not only be more coordinated in flow control, but also can realize the combination of tickets and operations, and improve the efficiency of water parks.

3. Water park planning and design

Determine the nature and theme of the planning project (style). And do not blindly play the concept, because consumers want to make personal experience, as long as the main theme and style of thinking and enough water related words to do the article. Focus on harmony with the theme of the environment (including the human environment and the ecological environment). Embodies the unique insights into itself and take into the architectural landscape and water landscape elements, through environmental art packaging become elegant and comfortable to embody the theme style in details.

Step by step to set up functional areas, so that the whole body of tourists will be intoxicated with them. The project is set to be unique and novel, researching and analyzing the needs of consumer groups and feelings. Setting water recreation facilities equipment unique and multi-functional entertainment projects will make its own bright and unique in the same industry and then enhance business competitiveness, also let visitors feel the full range of water entertainment.

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