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The Marketing of Water Park can still Play Like this!

The Marketing of Water Park can still Play Like this!

In recent years, the water park has gained momentum, and developed rapidly and become a bright spot. With the gradual transformation of the water park and the upgrading of the quality, its operation and management mode also has a unique and prominent role. For different resource endowment and regional source market, its management mode is different. Whether the model is scientific and reasonable, it directly influences the sustainable development of water park.

1. The distribution of profit distribution of channel marketing should be cautious

The marketing channels of water parks mainly include travel agencies, travel networks, group-buying websites, hotels with self-organizing functions, local station rhikers, channel agencies and so on. It may sound complicated, there are hundreds of travel agencies in the small and medium-sized cities of tourist agencies. There are thousands of them in the first-tier cities, and not to mention anything else. How do you deal with such a large and diverse group of people? The core is in two words: interest. Their news is very well-informed, there is basically no formal marketing, a little bit of advertising, they will come to the door. The focus of the operator's work is how to distribute the benefits. If you give too much to others, you will have fewer interests, and more people will have more management costs. If the benefits are less distributed to other people, then they have no motivation to work, and naturally deal with it, which is very disadvantageous to their own management.

How to divide and distribute the interests of the channel business, it is an art and it is also a knowledge, and it must not pat the head or listen to the others, when water park is popular, it can be low interest to channel merchants, large amount, can guarantee their income. When water parks are not popular, they will give them enough profits to ensure their income and ensure the popularity of water parks. This should be considered carefully and handled flexibly.

2. The promotion method should be flexible and varied

The so-called promotion is to give sweeteners, the essence of the promotion of water park is a huge attraction, nowadays, when several marketing methods fail to achieve the ideal operation effect, promotion is more important. There are several ways to promote the water park promotion.

1). The direct discount is a discounted price, even free. This is the most common way of promotion, mainly for a specific time period, such as opening, weekday, specific activities during mesh, etc., and in view of the special crowd, such as children, students, old people and so on. The specific concessionary range should be determined according to the actual situation, flexible processing. I'm not too sure about the way to promote free travel, unless it's a ticket sales goal. It's all about popularity. This kind of promotion method should be used with caution and should not be used. Because it has many sequelae, after the discount time is over, the tourists are accustomed to the discount price, the tourists will feel the price rises when the original price is restored.

2). Group promotion. If a family member comes along, you can avoid a child or an old man's ticket. A couple can come and play with half price. More than 10 people come to play by themselves, so they can avoid 1~2 tickets and other measures to encourage tourists to bring more people to play, this can increase the overall popularity of water amusement park, and the feeling of visitors is very humane.

3). Bundled promotion. Bundled with nearby attractions, hotels, even gas stations, a ticket system, convenient for tourists to travel, and also benefit, why not?

4). Circular promotion. When you buy a ticket, you give 10 yuan or 20 yuan of cash coupons, encourage visitors to play again or introduce friends to come and play. The promotion is flexible and varied, but the whole purpose is to attract more people to come and play and create better profits for the scenic area.

3. The equipment of water park is upgraded regularly

Most water parks, if they don't upgrade at all, for about three to five years, the business is slow down. This is related to management and competition, and the more competitive the management, the slower the smaller business will be. But most visitors may not have the urge to come over because they don't have the freshness of the water park facilities. Therefore, we suggest that water parks should be a little changed every year for more than three years, and some large water park equipment will be upgraded every three years. In this way, tourists can maintain the freshness of the water park and generate the impulse to consume many times.

The marketing of water park is to create benefit for the purpose, and to gather popularity as the means. I don't have to say that every point has to be done very well, depending on the target market, the consumption habits and consumption ability of target groups and their own marketing ability and expense budget are best suited to the marketing mix. Even if only one trick is suitable, as long as the trick to achieve the ultimate, it is possible to succeed.


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