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Four transformational ways of water park

Four transformational ways of water park

Among the world's water parks, Chimelong Water Park, which ranks first in the world with 2.69 million annual visitors, and Universal Studios Orlando's "Volcano Bay", which opened just last year and reached the sixth place in just a few months The two water parks have many common features that are worth learning.

1. Paradise linkage
These two water parks are linked with the land parks in the surrounding group, so that the water parks will be upgraded from local attractions to tourist destinations, and the regional residential market will be raised to attract tourists to the world.

2. Regional functionalization
Usually, water parks do not have obvious story lines or themes like theme parks. According to this, the division is based on the result that various facilities in the water park such as a hodgepodge are misplaced, and the space logic is disordered.

3. Scene water park equipment
In order to increase the income of the second match, in recent years, water parks have extended the opening time of the park and increased the night gameplay. However, these water parks often forget to keep up with the hardware part of the water park, thus missing a great opportunity to transform the park atmosphere through lights.

4. Service humanization
Another disadvantage of the outdoor water park is that it is very painful to line up in the sun! For this reason, when planning the water park, it is necessary to consider the ratio of shelters to greenery, and the service can solve the problem through technology.

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