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How to play the night economy in theme water park equipment - part two

How to play the night economy in theme water park equipment - part two

1. Night Experience Activities - Emotional Game

A good nighttime experience product must be designed according to the idea of theme water park equipment, which brings visitors a sense of participation at different levels. According to people's strong emotions (including tension, excitement, stimulation and other strong emotions) and weak emotions (including relaxation, quietness and other weak emotions), the depth of participation, nighttime tourism experience products can be divided into two groups, good park nighttime travel is often a combination of different emotional experiences.

Night Safari, the first wildlife park in the world dedicated to nocturnal animals, has won 12 "Best Tourist Attraction Experience Awards" awarded by Singapore Tourist Bureau. It receives about 1.1 million visitors annually. Tourist.

Relaxation and light participation experience: The garden dining car enables visitors to ride in the dining car, while dining and drinking cocktails, while accompanying the sunset or the stars in the car to visit different areas, view various kinds of animals, immersed in a romantic and relaxing pleasant atmosphere. The two themes are also the characteristics of Singapore's Night Zoo. One is to use fire, dance, tribal culture and other elements to show warriors fighting with the God of fire. The other is to use gorgeous lights and gorgeous rainforest scenes to show the night star animals.

Nervous Deep Participation Experience: In a specific section, a team of people will all carry torches to illuminate the dark and unlighted original path to explore the secret. In the garden, you can also see more than a dozen pairs of yellow-green eyes at night and the roaring of raptors around you. This creates a sense of deep involvement and adventure that stimulates mystery. In addition, the Singapore Night Zoo intentionally designs a new sense that different roads and vehicles can interact with these animals in varying degrees, such as feeding, touching and smelling. Highlighting these sleeping, rare animals during the day adds novelty and uniqueness to the nighttime experience.

2. Night Experience Activities: Recreation, Performing Arts and Cultural Activities Normalized and Themed

Apart from characteristic night entertainment products, entertainment activities and cultural festivals are the most common experiential activities in theme parks. Theme parks not only need large-scale temporary festivals, but also need to normalize their activities. They also need to be enabled by theme IP, which is different from other uniform performances and activities.

Haichang Dalian found that the kingdom was to build the night economy by means of large-scale activities with electronic syllables and daily night performances. Every Friday to Sunday, Dalian finds that the Kingdom presents extraordinarily grand fireworks performances and night tour for tourists. In 2019, Dalian finds that the kingdom holds electronic syllables for its thirteenth anniversary, which lasts the whole summer. Besides the theme of the thirteenth anniversary of the discovery of the kingdom, every week it launches different themes of audio-visual parties, with five strong scenes. Interestingness and participation: July, 19-21, the first theme of the "national tide" came; 26-28, "punk wind" appeared; August, 2-4, "foam fluorescence" light show online; 9-11, "animation cos" theme out of the street; 16-18, "pink night" perfect closure. The electronic syllable has attracted tens of thousands of people to carnival, and has become a signboard festival event with box office appeal. The Kingdom has also become a dazzling economic landmark of Dalian Jinshitan National Tourist Resort.

3. Night Commerce: Creating Bright Spots with Park Theme Culture

Night commerce, as a core supporting system, is an indispensable part. Its importance lies in that it is the key to creating economic benefits at night; combining the characteristics and advantages of theme parks or local culture to create experiential commerce, while increasing revenue, catering and other businesses often become a major feature of the park.

Haichang Ocean Park is popular with tourists for its special theme products, such as night sleeping and banquet on the sea floor, which enables tourists to have dinner with marine creatures, and contract services such as children's birthday party and seabed wedding banquet. Typically, Chengdu's Polar Ocean World has three different venues with different styles and themes. For female girlfriends, a hot pot feast is set up in the dreamlike jellyfish hall; for urban youth, an underwater feast with the theme of "enthusiastic activities" is set up in the cool shark hall; for young and business visitors, an underwater feast with the theme of "turbulent youth" is set up in the whale dolphin performance hall.

4. Lighting Art-the Core Element of Night Atmosphere Construction

Lighting is still an indispensable basic element of a good night tourism atmosphere. Lighting lighting is the basic means of night tourism in the building of night landscape. When the technology of lighting collection is magnified into a large-scale performance show and festival, it may also become the core attraction of heavyweight.

In order to prolong the stay time of tourists and strengthen the product features of "day and night amphibious", Shanghai Happy Valley launched the "Sky Curtain Water Pole" with live lighting. During the day, the lake presents a 360 degree view of music fountain, which brings visitors aesthetic experience; at night, it presents visitors with the experience of water-fire blending, electro-optical streaming shadow, and 3D full-sensory immersion shocking water show through time and space.

Challenges and Possibilities of Night Tourism

Although the market of night tour economy is very big, the risk of rushing into it is not small. At present, the development of night tourism consumption is restricted by safety, transportation and other factors. According to some reports, 49.4% of respondents thought that the safety of night tourism was the pain point of night tourism consumption; 38.8% thought that night tourism could only be sacrificed in order to better rest and give priority to day tourism because of the relatively full day travel schedule and the unbalanced arrangement of day and night travel products.

Nowadays, most of China's night tourism products are in single form, or they are still mainly day tourism products, which are supplemented by night. Therefore, there is a relative lack of comprehensive night tourism products for destination cities in China. As a comprehensive night tour project, Haichang Night City in Sanya may be able to provide samples for the industry. Night tourism also has more possibilities.

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