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Water park construction period

Water park construction period

If we do not consider the time for investor’s approval procedures and if civil engineering and water slide equipment production start at the same time, the construction period of the water park project generally needs about 180 days from civil work to water park equipment installed. At present, according to the recent development of our whole water park industry, building a relatively complete water park mostly needs 8-12 months.           

The water park we called a sunrise industry, is in the trend of rapid development around the world, which adds equipment manufacturers’ pressure, the demand of construction investment services exceeds supply in the market;          

Based on the first reason, major water park equipment manufacturers’ orders are basically super saturated, so every manufacturer needs to face a number of investment projects at the same time, which will disperse a large part of manpower and time, including the equipment production and delivery time;          

Among the industry, manufacturers who are real strength, qualified, experienced and professional are not many, most enterprises are for water park operation, planning or project development and construction agent, which are lacking of the necessary qualified certificates.        

Related cooperated industries to undertake the project also need to have a qualified certificate, for example, the real estate company, tourism development, landscape design company, engineering construction company, trading company, etc..          

Also need to take into account the application time for the approval procedures.

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