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Example analysis - how to make theme park paving more interesting?

Example analysis - how to make theme park paving more interesting?

As a man-made scenic spot, the attraction of theme park to tourists is not only dependent on the support of innovative amusement water slide equipment, but also on the creation of a complete theme landscape. As the largest project in the whole theme park, the pavement project is the most unnoticed part in the amusement experience, and is also easy to be ignored in the design process. In this paper, with excellent cases, we will explore the role of pavement engineering in improving the atmosphere of theme park from three aspects. First, from the design point of view on how to design the theme park pavement. Second, introduce the common pavement materials in the theme park. Third, it focuses on the excellent pavement cases in the theme park, summarizes some practical experience, and provides reference and guidance for our future project operation.

How to design the pavement in the theme park?

As an important part of the theme landscape of the park, the pavement project needs to match the regional style of the whole park or the main scenic spots. The unity of style is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Pavement color and regional style are coordinated and unified. The unity of hue does not mean the unity of colors, but the unity of hue, purity and lightness. The pavement area is large, so it should play the role of coordinating the regional buildings and the ground. But usually inertia thinking will lead us to have some wrong cognition, and think that the paradise should have a happy atmosphere, so the pavement color must be rich and colorful, which is one-sided. We need to consider the color of pavement in the three-dimensional space of the surrounding landscape in combination with the building, rather than just finish the pavement design on the plane.

2. The material and regional style are coordinated and unified. After the first step to determine the overall tone, the material selection and matching is particularly important. On the one hand, the selection of pavement materials should be combined with the theme style of the theme area, on the other hand, the application position of pavement materials should be considered comprehensively. In the theme park, the pavement materials used in the square, Main Garden Road and catwalk are different.

3. The modeling pattern corresponds to the theme area or project. This is the most brilliant place, and also the place with the biggest difference between the theme park landscape and the general municipal landscape. It is also one of the ways to embody the theme.

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