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Africa favors the

Africa favors the

Relying on the implementation of the “One Belt and one Road” strategy and the establishment of the AIIB, Chinese companies and the African market are working together to create a new economic growth point through water park equipment, 30-meter-high Ferris wheel, flip trains and the theme parks under construction – “Happy Consumption”.

In the past few years, outdoor large-scale amusement equipment has become the latest hot item for Chinese companies to provide to the African market. At a time when the downward pressure on the global economy is intensifying and the growth of trade in goods is weak, the gaming and gaming industry that combines equipment exports and service trade is becoming a bright spot for China-Africa trade. Africa’s economy is developing and the demand for tourism and entertainment is growing. As a developing country, China has great advantages in developing game entertainment equipment and providing system services suitable for different economic levels. Chinese leisure and entertainment enterprises and creative enterprises will have great potential to enter Africa at this time.

The promotion of the “One Belt and one Road” strategy and the gradual approach of the AIIB are the core factors driving the enthusiasm of Chinese creative companies. In the past 10 years, the trade volume between China and Africa has doubled every three years. In 2010, the bilateral trade volume between China and Africa was close to 150 billion US dollars. A group of Chinese creative companies and entertainment companies believe that as the trade in goods continues to grow and China and Africa become more aware of each other, Chinese leisure and entertainment companies have already ushered in a good opportunity to “go global” and open up African markets. In South Africa, for example, the local government is planning to become a tourism and recreation center in Africa. Whether it is building a theme park or updating existing water park equipment for sale, Chinese water park equipment manufacturers are expected to have a broad space.
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