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Water park design should pay attention to the intervention of the operation team

Water park design should pay attention to the intervention of the operation team

As the water park industry gradually maturing, the sea water park landscape park design experts found many of the problems in the operation, but after opening operation management, marketing reasons, there are many is water park design phase to be thoughtless about operational needs, visible to the water park, water park design business development is also takes a lot of weight.

At present, the water park industry reality is mainly in the water park design link do not take the operations team stepped in, also has a lot of attention, but in the current water park high-speed development stage, often faced with the recruit or find operations team limited experience level, smooth operation encountered many obstacles in the late. To return to the topic, if some important issues of operation and management requirements can be considered in the design stage of the water park, it can not only improve the safety management and service quality of the park, improve the satisfaction of tourists, revisit rate and operating income, but also reduce the rework phenomenon and greatly save the investment cost. Therefore, we should pay attention to the operation of the water park, pay attention to the planning and design of the park, pay attention to the importance of operation in the design. This must not be careless, investors must not take lightly.

Here, we can take a simple example:
Known, each park each water park equipment will have a fall in the pool, and fell in the pool will have a backwater area sewage ditch, some only consider the backwater area sewage ditch project design, that fall pool water returned to the reservoir can be left clean the pool, but in actual operation and found only so HuiShuiGou water cannot clean, sludge and sewage should rely on artificial to clean up, this caused serious influence to operation, time-consuming to cost increase. If there is an operation team with experience in this field at the beginning of the design of the water park, they will come up with effective solutions at the design stage.

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