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What are the Advantages of Water treatment Equipment?

What are the Advantages of Water treatment Equipment?

First, strong bactericidal capacity.
When water enters the device fully contact with the oxygen, it volatile ammonia and nitrogen (Elements of urea) harmful gas. Then through mix he gas and water, enhanced the coagulation and filtration effect of pollutants in water. At the process of water treatment, it need two times of aeration in the water to increasing the dissolved oxygen content in water, enhancing water sterilization and the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and removing the urea in water organic pollution. Urea content in the water can reach 1mg / l or so after treatment. It save a lot water due to no need to change the water to dilute the urea content. Not only water to be purified, and get fresh, activation, but also the water can always be crystal clear and have a virtuous circle.

Second, lower fine filter turbidity.
In the filtration process, it is mainly about interception and adsorption. Equipment is used in different mineral aggregate multilayer composite filter layer composition from large to small, greatly enhances the retention filtering effect, while the surface layer of the membrane filter media can further adsorption of organic and inorganic substances. Smallest particle diameter of 0.15 mm filter media, far less than the traditional quartz sand, interception capability, so the water quality is excellent. Turbidity can be 0.4 mg / liter, clear azure water, far below the water turbidity of 3 mg / liter.

Third, without adding coagulant, algaecide.
Traditional sand tank system needs to put coagulant, algaecide (CuSO4), which makes the residual ion concentration in the water is increasing, people must change the water to diluted concentration, which wasted a lot of water. Apply automatic water treatment system and prohibit the use of coagulants, algaecide can avoid the problem of chemical contamination in water effectively. By the system, the water can continue using without changing the water every day. We just need to add a small amount of the water that the body take away, the pool surface evaporation and equipment backwash water. Reducing the daily operating costs, water savings can reach 80%.

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