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Iteration and innovation of parent-child leisure-1

Iteration and innovation of parent-child leisure-1

In recent years, with the rapid growth of parent-child travel market, it has the characteristics of high profit, strong attraction and great potential, but the product form, quality and renewal iteration are far behind the consumption demand of urban middle class, same for water slide.

How to catch the wind in this industry?             

We believe that we should guide the rapid development of tourism products and industrial chain with systematic industrial research. Through a detailed study of market trends, business models, excellent cases at home and abroad, and the iterative evolution of various products, we put forward the innovative concept of "parent-child leisure".           

As a result, the parent-child leisure branch of China Theme Park Research Institute was established to build a smart highland with senior industry research team as the core, and to build an integrated platform of production, investment and research in the field of parent-child leisure in combination with outstanding enterprises in the industry and tourism industry investment institutions.

Parent-child leisure and parent-child travel, supply side iteration

1. The concept of parent-child leisure           

Parent-child travel is not a new concept. In a broad sense, family travel in any stage of parenting can be regarded as parent-child travel. Since there has been a tour, there has been a parent-child tour. Especially after the 80s generation of our country is generally parents, we pay more attention to the education of children and broaden our horizons. All kinds of parent-child products continue to flourish.           

But on the other hand, from the perspective of product end, the development of parent-child products is relatively lagging behind, staying in the mix of theme parks, zoos, hotels and other parent-child rooms for a long time.           

So what is "parent-child leisure"? I divided the word into "parent-child" and "leisure".           
First of all, the iteration of "parent-child" has changed from a single product form in the past to a diversified product form around children's perception and experience; from the past, the emphasis on hardware has changed to "the heavy (hardware) is lighter, the light (content and service) is heavier".           

Then there is the change of "leisure", leisure is a normal way of life. "Travel" is of course a kind of leisure, but it is low-frequency in time, and in China it is often concentrated on those holidays. And "leisure" actually exists in every weekend of our daily life. It can be high frequency. Especially for the leisure of families in big cities, the business circle has long been tired of it, which is a huge market.           

So parent-child leisure comes from parent-child travel, but it is higher than traditional parent-child travel. It needs to change or iterate in business model, location, product and content, and the market scale and consumption frequency will be larger and higher. For water park equipment designer and manufacturer, we also need to consider it for our water slide.

water slide

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