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Investment Decision of Water Park

Investment Decision of Water Park

1. Site selection should be planned scientifically           

Location selection should be based on the location of the project traffic, the total market population and per capita consumption level of the local 1-2 hour economic circle, competitors and so on. In the same market area, homogeneous competition will lead to both losses. In many places, such as Northeast, Shandong, Henan and Guizhou, unreasonable location selection has resulted in busy business but poor business.           

2. Investment scale should be tailored           

The characteristics of water park investment are "short, flat and fast", "short" is short construction cycle (usually 9 months), "flat" is relatively low investment intensity (50-1 million/mu), "fast" is fast recovery (recover investment costs within three years). We should grasp the scale of investment and make the most scientific and reasonable investment according to the local comprehensive conditions. Investing in water parks should not be greedy for perfection, and everything should come first. Investment scale should be tailored to produce the best expected benefits.           

3. Water Park Equipment Purchase Support Domesticization           

Investors should rationally understand domestic and foreign products and consider the best cost performance ratio. At present, for most mature products of aquatic park, the first-line aquatic park equipment manufacturers in China have fully possessed high-standard and high-quality production capacity, and the gap is not obvious compared with foreign countries. In August 2014, the State Council also pointed out in "Some Opinions on Further Accelerating the Reform and Development of Tourism Industry" that it should continue to support the localization of tourism equipment manufacturing, such as recreational facilities.           

4. Business management should follow the road of specialization according to law and regulations           

Water Park managers, water park equipment operators, lifeguards and so on are highly professional positions. The law stipulates that all employees must be on duty with a certificate. However, due to the shortage of professionals due to the rapid development of the industry, many paradises are managed by investors themselves, or employ personnel without professional training and assessment, without relevant qualifications, which is very prone to safety accidents. Therefore, the operation and management of aquatic park must find a legitimate professional team or professionals to be responsible for. Eliminate potential safety hazards, so that tourists can play at ease.

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