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Maintenance of Fiberglass Water Slides

Maintenance of Fiberglass Water Slides

Composite materials are commonly used in commercial fiberglass water slides. The so-called composite material refers to a new type of material composed of glass fiber and resin. Water slide is immersed in water for a long time, which is a consumption, so it needs to be maintained.


1. Before opening every day, check the slides to see if there are any sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and leakage.

2. Check whether the water treatment equipment is in normal operation to ensure the supply of sliding lubricating water and water from sliding pool.

3.Inspect and fasten the connectors regularly.

4.The bearing parts should be inspected regularly to see whether there are cracks and bending deformations in the structure in order to replace it in time.

5.The slide should be covered with plastic cloth or rough cloth during non-use period to prevent the slide from aging, fading and cracking caused by ultraviolet radiation. The sliding groove section with cracks should be replaced (or repaired) in time, and the uneven sliding joint, inverted convex platform or cracks should be dealt with in time.

6. During the non-use period, the surface coatings of metal components should be inspected for peeling and fading. If there are peeling and peeling phenomena, they should be repaired.

7.Regular safety inspection and maintenance should be organized. It is found that there are water, gravel and scale on the slide surface. It should be cleaned and polished with cotton cloth or sandpaper in time.

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