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Theme Water park Equipment Packaging and Design Tips

Theme Water park Equipment Packaging and Design Tips

In the past two years, in the investment and development boom that a large amount of capital entered the theme park, many owners gradually got rid of the simple development thinking of heavy equipment, light theme and connotation. The IP and theme culture generated from historical allusions, literary works, film and television dramas are more likely to appear in the conceptual planning and design drawings of a theme park developer. This is a good thing from the perspective of the cultural experience of visitors. But this kind of operation is followed by another problem: how to combine high-quality IP or culture with the theme park, deepen and land, and become a real product that visitors can see and see? In reality, this is not an easy task. The theme packaging is like wearing clothes, it is the most important! Concept design, deepening of details, engineering model making to construction, this is the only way to achieve the theme of the idea, we call it "theme packaging." The theme packaging with no dead ends can perfectly show the theme style, so that visitors can be seen. To put it simply, the theme packaging is to wear clothes. People of different personalities will match their own characteristics and personality to find the clothes that suit them best and form their own characteristics. The same is true for the theme packaging, which gives life to a building with no features and connotations, forming features and endowing the soul. But different themes are like the difference between a person who wears fit and doesn't fit.

Wearing a suit that suits you and beautiful, you have a distinctive label and a specific temperament. The so-called suitable for yourself, is not necessarily a brand name from beginning to end, simple and personalized wear can also make people look comfortable. Therefore, I believe that the theme packaging can be precisely built according to its own positioning and investment budget to achieve a balance between packaging effectiveness and investment budget. But there must be no theme packaging, or packaging but no theme, otherwise a theme water park will lack vitality and soul.

The theme design concept is the first step in the success of the theme packaging When fully considering the target visitors of a theme water park equipment, it is necessary to carefully analyze what theme styles are attractive to these target tourists.It is closely related to the geographical location and economic status of the project location. The current more creative themes should be in the lost civilization or ancient civilization theme, science fiction theme, make choices in influential film or novel IP theme and reasonable performance design theme. In the theme packaging, it is most difficult to design over-packaging and imitate the design of other themed packaging. It is ubiquitous that the same design is used or mimicked in multiple projects. The theme packaging in this way is packaged for packaging, lacking creativity and vitality.

Effective integration of design and construction to create soulful works. Quality is a very important point in the theme packaging. The presentation of a good landscape effect depends not only on the designer's mental design, but also the cooperation of the construction personnel. When a soul-designed design combined with high-quality construction and a soul for a landscape/small/building can be combined to form a good-themed package. The theme packaging has always been a way of working in a light and internal way. The earliest theme packaging industry is dominated by people with sculpture and art skills. The construction technical standards set at the household level, because the technical staff without the architectural background has dominated this market, the theme packaging structure form is very inconsistent with the building common sense.

Currently, most of the themed packaging products, the steel bars are bare on the back, which reduces the cost and construction time, but also greatly reduces the life expectancy, but also has a great safety hazard. "So the packaging not only has to be done well, but also has to be done internally. From design to construction, it needs to be standardized." A true theme packaging project not only requires the display of the soul in the design, slow work, it requires the builder not only needs exquisite construction skills, but also has a certain aesthetic ability. The theme packaging, in addition to the drawings, is more about the control of the scene.

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