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What Are the Preparations for the Current Water Park Investment?

What Are the Preparations for the Current Water Park Investment?

With the improvement of living standards, the consumption level is also rising accordingly. People not only work hard during working but also enjoy leisure in their resting time. There is no doubt that aqua park project is a good place for family day in summer, couple's dating and company party. For now, the prospect of water park investment is still optimistic. So what preparations for the water park investment should be made? We can start from the following aspects mainly.

1. The market research of water park investment

Some relevant researches should be held on the market of water park, competitors and social economy locally(within 2.5-hour drive). According to the principle of large investment income, the reasonable investment amount of aqua park project and the investment proportion of each functional module are determined.

Each sum of money should be publicly available and clearly targeted. As the saying goes, a good knife should be equipped with a good blade, only by putting the capital into the important parts as much as possible can the attractiveness of the project be better formed. For the same investment project, the larger the passenger flow is, the better it will be; the more the passenger flow are attracted, the higher the return will be gained.

2. Determination of the direction of water park investment

The positioning and market saturation of aqua park project may be the biggest factor affecting the success of water park even the decisive factor that decides whether the water park can make it or not. However, this factor is often ignored generally.

The positioning of an aqua park project decides what the park’s attribute is, whether the park is a small regional park or a large water park for tourists nationwide also decides what kind of water park equipment the water park should be equipped with.

What do target customer group prefer? What is the target market? What are the differences between projects of the same type? Therefore, the choice of the type of aqua park equipment should be considered carefully in the project. The selection of aqua park equipment is not like that of general objects, because aqua park equipment is a kind of distinctive experiential tool. And everything should be based on the experience of tourists, so that tourists will pay for it willingly.

3. Product planning of aqua park project

Investors should implement market positioning, create attraction, determine brand strategy and formulate project competition strategy according to the investment planning idea. Locking on target customer group and making sure what are customers’ needs, seizing customers' pain points from the perspective of future marketing of the project, carrying out creative recreational activities, planning highlights and selling points of the project and creating a unique experience for the project are all the keys to create the characteristics and differentiation of aqua park project.

4. Determination of development direction of aqua park project

The determination of development direction of aqua park project shall start from investment planning to brand planning, and then to design and implementation. The design content shall be comprehensively organized and deepened with the characteristic differentiation of aqua park project as the core. The planning and feasibility analysis of architectural content and functional zoning, architectural style, cultural theme, water entertainment facilities and well-built aqua park can provide functional control, technical index requirements and guidance for subsequent design.

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