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Inspection and repair of large water slide

Inspection and repair of large water slide

Water park equipment needs regular inspection and maintenance to ensure equipment safety. For large water slide, the inspection and maintenance contents are divided into daily inspection, weekly inspection and monthly inspection.
1. Large-scale water slide daily inspection content
A. Check the inner surface of the slide for sharp corners, burrs, or breakage; if sharp corners, burrs or damage occur, repair and repair in time.
B. Check if the water circulation system is running normally and whether the amount of lubricating water in the slide is stable. Whether there is water leakage in the water supply pipeline. If abnormality occurs, check whether the pump is running normally. If the pump is not running properly, immediately shut down and remove the fault and start the machine.
C. Check the water depth of the slide buffer tank. The designed water depth is 0.2 to 0.3 meters. If the water depth does not meet the requirements, the circulating water pump can be turned on after the water depth is adjusted to meet the operational requirements.
D. Inspect the bottom of the slide pool and find that stones and other hard objects are cleaned in time.

2. Large water slides weekly inspection content
A. Check the slide connection fasteners and find that the bolts are tightened when they are loose. Whether there is water leakage at the joint of the chute, if there is water leakage, tighten the connecting bolt in time or fill the joint with sealant and smooth it.
B. Whether the hair collector pressure gauge in the circulation system is higher than 0.15 MPa, and the hair collector filter is cleaned higher to maintain the normal function of the hair collector.
C. Check whether the temperature of the pump casing and the bearing is within the normal range during operation, and the abnormal shutdown will be carried out in time.

3. Monthly inspection of large water slides
A. Check if there are other objects in the return water outlet of the slide water circulation system, and find that foreign matter and sediments are cleaned up in time.
B. Check the reliability of the leakage protection switch in the electrical system, conduct a leakage protection action test, and find that the problem is replaced in time.
C. Regularly check the connection of the underwater light to the slide sink with underwater lights.
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