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Some points for large indoor theme water park design

Some points for large indoor theme water park design

For the newly emerging large indoor water park building, from the perspective of fire engineering, combined with the existing fire water park design specifications. The performance-based fire protection design is carried out, and evacuation safety is assessed through simulation demonstration, and whether the existing fire protection design can meet the requirements of fire protection objectives is evaluated. The following conclusions are drawn.           

(1) Indoor theme park has a large building volume, complex functions, high space characteristics, strong smoke storage capacity and good evacuation field of vision; at the same time, it also brings difficulties in fire design, some of the design contents exceed the provisions of the fire code.            (2) The design of theme park should include fire rescue, combustible control, fire separation, evacuation design, smoke prevention and exhaust system design, fire fighting and alarm, and make a feasible fire protection design plan based on the actual project.           

(3) The fire design of an indoor theme park is analyzed by smoke simulation and human safety evacuation simulation. It is found that the safety of human evacuation can be guaranteed and the fire safety design goal is achieved. Its fire protection design scheme is feasible. For the new building of indoor theme park, performance-based design and simulation evaluation are carried out in combination with engineering practice.           

With the development of indoor theme park, through the efforts of professionals and competent authorities, I believe that the fire protection design of domestic theme amusement space will be more and more perfect.

(4)     Enhanced Settings of Emergency Lighting and Evacuation Indicating System           

The indoor water park should adopt centralized control evacuation indication sign system. All safe exits or routes reaching safe exits should be clearly marked. Evacuation indication signs should be set on the ground of evacuation walkways and evacuation routes or on the walls near the ground and at the corner of evacuation walkways. Ground light evacuation indication signs should be arranged along the central line of the evacuation corridor or main evacuation route. Safety voltage should be used for evacuation indication sign, and necessary waterproof measures should be set up for evacuation indication sign in water play area.   

(5)     Installation of fire-proof isolation zones along drifting rivers           

In case of fire, there should be enough facilities on both sides of the drifting river for tourists to go ashore. The time of landing for drifting people in Hanoi is not more than 1 minute at design time. Based on this, the spacing of landing facilities can be calculated. At the same time, the landing facilities should be located along the outer side of the drifting river near the outdoor safe exit, and anti-skid measures should be considered.

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