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How to solve problems in practical water park design?

How to solve problems in practical water park design?

1. Setting up fire-proof isolation zone by drifting River           

In view of the excessive area of fire protection zones, we can use drifting River to design fire protection isolation zones in practical water park design. Fire-proof isolation zone is to divide a section of the building with combustible materials. The building components and decoration in the area are all non-combustible materials, and no combustible materials are set up in the area. This can divide the water-playing area into several different areas. The fire-proof isolation zone is used to separate the areas so as to effectively prevent fire. Spread between the same regions. As the drifting river itself is a water system, it can prevent the spread of fire on both sides of the drifting river. The ground flammable load is divided into several independent areas to control the spread of fire among different areas.           

The width of fire protection isolation zone is the key index for its effective function. When setting fire protection isolation zone in indoor water park combined with drifting river, its width should be the sum of the width of drifting river's own water system and the width of non-combustible landscape on both sides of the bank, among which the width of water system should account for more than 70%. The width requirements of fire isolation zones are also different for different Combustible Properties and fire development.           

2. Strict control of combustible decoration materials           

Indoor water park has many fixed recreational facilities, which need thematic packaging to achieve aesthetic effect. It is difficult to control flammable and flammable decoration materials in the second decoration if the control requirements for flammable materials are not put forward in the design stage. In order to control the number of combustibles in the place and reduce the fire load, it is suggested to use non-combustible or non-combustible materials as far as possible for landscape decoration materials and recreational facilities, referring to the relevant provisions of GB 50222-2017 Fire Protection Code for Internal Decoration Design of Buildings for Fixed Furniture.           

3. Bridges across drifting rivers           

Usually, the drifting River in the playground is designed as a ring. For evacuation, a relatively independent island area is formed in the ring of the drifting river. In case of fire, it is necessary to install a bridge across the drifting river for evacuation in emergency.           

The corridor bridges on drifting rivers should meet the following requirements: the corridor bridges should be evenly arranged on the drifting rivers, there should be a safe exit directly to the outdoors near the corridor bridges, and there should be an evacuation passageway with sufficient width from the corridor bridge to the safe exit, which should be constructed with non-combustible materials, and handrails on both sides to prevent falling.    

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