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How to build a water park? The detailed process is here-2

How to build a water park? The detailed process is here-2

Basic process of water park construction

After obtaining the land use right and project approval, carry out:           

(1) Conceptual design planning stage           

1. Select the concept design unit to carry out the docking of the concept design work;            2. Creative theme, story line theme image equipment list floor layout, overall aerial view, equipment outsourcing style, etc.           

(2) Selection stage of water amusement facilities           

1. Select and purchase equipment according to the equipment list provided by conceptual design, and determine the equipment production cycle;           

2. Determine equipment location, floor area and foundation drawings.           

(3) Planning and design stage of water park            

Scheme design:           

1. Interior packaging design of each partition plan, general plan, visitor moving line, traffic route and evacuation route;           

2. Interior landscape design, interior landscape props style design, assist tool props design;          

3. Lighting system design.           

Expansion design indoor packaging design:           

1. Interior landscape design;           

2. Environment art and scene props;           

3. Equipment packaging design;            

4. Lighting system design.           

Construction design:           

Including interior packaging design, landscape design, environmental art and scene props, equipment supporting packaging design, lighting system design, logo system design theme, logo design function logo, etc.

Civil construction stage

According to the planning drawings of the water park, pay special attention to the location of embedded parts, water inlet and outlet, load-bearing structure, etc.

Equipment installation and commissioning           

1. Registration and filing of quality supervision department;           

2. Equipment installation, equipment installation and commissioning;           

3. Amusement equipment acceptance certificate;           

4. Equipment maintenance and operation training.

Recruitment, establishment and training of operation team

1. Establishment of operation management system;           

2. Recruit core management and equipment maintenance personnel before equipment installation and commissioning;           

3. At the later stage of water park equipment installation and commissioning, the amusement equipment operators are in place;           

4. Service etiquette, process training and safety management training;           

5. Operation, maintenance and management personnel obtain corresponding certificates;           

6. Basic knowledge training of amusement equipment, operation emergency drill training, simulation and practical operation training of each post.

Trial operations

1. Employees are familiar with their own work process and service process;           

2. Collect feedback from tourists and upgrade;           

3. In the operation, we found the deficiencies and optimized the process;           

4. Troubleshooting and rectification of potential safety hazards.

Grand Opening

1. Prophase publicity;           

2. Activity arrangement;           

3. Passenger flow safety control;           

4. Crisis public relations drill;           

5. Safety emergency plan;           

6. Preferential policies for opening;           

7. Equipment maintenance and update.           

The preparation and construction of water park is not a simple project preparation and construction, but a process of overall planning, operation and management of the project as a whole.

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