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How to Reduce Weather Damage to Aqua Park Equipment?

How to Reduce Weather Damage to Aqua Park Equipment?

The weather is unpredictable, and water parks operate depending on the weather, so operators are thinking about the development of water parks the can operate in four seasons. Now, most of the water parks operate on a seasonal basis. If the weather is bad, the water parks have to close. What is the impact of weather on aqua park equipment?

Let us talk about the impact of weather on large aqua park equipment first. Large aqua park equipment are basically outdoor equipment. The volumes are usually huge, so the space occupied by the operation is also very large. The structure is relatively complex, so these equipment are greatly affected by the weather. The impact is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

First, the equipment of large-scale water park is affected by seasons. Seasonal weather changes have a greater impact on large-scale equipment, especially in rainy and thunderstorm seasons in summer. Once the weather changes, the operation will be interrupted, especially in thunderstorm weather. Therefore, there must be a unilateral inspection in advance. Large aqua park equipment are usually relatively high, and it is very possible for them to be struck by lightning. Although there are lightning protection equipment, it is still not enough. The most important thing is to protect against meteorological changes, at the same time, repairing the damage caused by meteorological changes should also be carried out.

Second, the influence in winter and summer is the most obvious. It's freezing in winter, and if the anti-freezing task is not well conducted, the aqua park equipment may be damaged by freezing. At the same time, there are fewer tourists in winter, and the weather is cold, therefore, the staff must be careful enough and need to check the protection equipment more frequently. The summer and winter are just the opposite. The weather in summer is changeable and there are more passengers, so the obligation of protection is very significant.

If the water consumption and the internal structure elements increase in the aqua park equipment, the impact of the weather will relatively increase. Many large-scale water parks will combine the site to design aqua park equipment and customize the equipment, which can not only achieve uniqueness, but also reduce the weather damage to the aqua park equipment.

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