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What is the equipment overhaul from water park design company

What is the equipment overhaul from water park design company

For water park, it is off season after the Mid-Autumn Festival. If it is a pure outdoor water park, at this time, it is almost time to close the garden and tidy up and repair, waiting for the arrival of next summer, so the final Carnival will come, and if you want to play, it will be as soon as possible. What about the equipment overhaul from water park design company? Relevant Knowledge Points: Water Park Management Creativity?

Monthly Inspection of Aquatic Amusement Equipment:

Check the leakage breaker in the circuit system. The sliding tank equipped with underwater lamp should be regularly maintained whether the connection of underwater lamp is strong or not.

Check whether there is any other obstruction in the backwater part of the sliding water circulation system, and find out that dirty things and alluvium are removed immediately.

Daily inspection of water recreation equipment:

Inspection of the slide-down reservoir pool revealed that stones and other hard objects were removed immediately.

Check whether the water circulation system is working properly and whether the water flow of sliding moistening is stable.

Is there any seepage in the water supply pipe? If any abnormality is found, check the centrifugal pump to see if everything is working properly. If the centrifugal pump is abnormal, stand by and start up immediately after fault detection.

Weekly inspection of water recreation equipment:

Check whether the temperature of the casing and rolling bearing of centrifugal pump is within the normal range during operation, and shut down immediately if abnormal results are found.

Check the standard parts of sliding connection, and tighten the bolts immediately when they lose. Is the joint of guide groove seepage? If there is water seepage, tighten the grounding foot bolt immediately or add sealant to the joint and polish and polish it smoothly.

These daily, weekly and monthly check-ups must be done. Just like your pregnancy check-ups, you should do them on time. If you listen to the doctor, you will have healthy babies and your own water paradise. Just like your own baby, you should take good care of and educate.

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