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Four Tips of The Selection of water park equipment manufacturers

Four Tips of The Selection of water park equipment manufacturers

Nowadays,water park is very popular resort in Summer,which attract many potential investors pay close attention to this investment. For the potential investors, how to choose the ideal water park equipment manufacturers?Here below is four tips for your reference. positioning:You need to make clear of your local economic and population and what kind of potential guests that may visit the you will have idea what kind of and how many equipment you’d use for the park.

2.The equipment quantity should meet with the level of the park:If the park have big size and can fit big quantity equipment, so big equipment is recommended, small equipment is the second option. If the park land size is limited size, so average and small equipment is suggested.Even removable equipment recommended to save the space and ensure quality experience.

3.Choose good brand water park equipment manufacturers: Water park equipment is open to public, so the safety and outlook and quality is very strict. First should choose powerful and good reputation manufacturer , visit projects and check certificates,which is very important.
4.Reasonable price: If cash flow and market permit, imported equipment and the best domestic manufacturer is first selection, so the riding experience and safety will be reliable. In another way, Purchase more equipment, better price.

Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology Co., Ltd. is the first professional company engaged in equipment research, manufacturing and installation. We are a member of national aquatic entertainment facility standard unit and one of the members who set the GB/T18168-2008 standards (Specifications of water amusement equipment category). We have established the biggest research institute in the field of water park equipment. Our manufacturing base is located in Conghua with total area of over 60,000m², which covers fiberglass slide workshop, steel structure workshop and sculptures.

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