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What are the Restrictions on Operating Inflatable Water Rides?

What are the Restrictions on Operating Inflatable Water Rides?

The protection of the inflatable water rides themselves

Currently, many manufacturers of inflatable water rides do not have production qualifications, and the products they produce are not guaranteed. An inflatable water amusement facility manufacturer with production qualifications should also have an inflatable amusement facility quality testing lab, which mainly tests the raw materials, whether the raw materials meet national requirements, whether there are dangers to children, and tests the wear and tear of the raw materials to determine the degree of wear and tear after multiple tests.

Tests on the water amusement facility structure are also necessary, including whether the internal structure has the weight-bearing capability, and whether the entire structure is stable. Collision tests on the water amusement facility are also needed. Only after passing this series of tests, can the quality of the amusement facility product be guaranteed. Multiple accidents related to the owners' selection of water amusement facility manufacturers have occurred, as many owners only focus on the appearance, size, and price of the water park equipment but pay little attention to the internal structure and protection design of the product.

Insufficient preparation for operating inflatable water rides

As a profit-making project, inflatable water rides are mainly targeted towards children. It is necessary to be prepared in terms of thought and precaution before operating a public project, and risk awareness is essential. Many people think that inflatable water rides are not dangerous, and all they need to do is choose a good location, blow it up, and start a business to make money. In fact, there is much preparation required, such as the selection of a suitable location, which should be relatively flat, without sharp objects.

There are also requirements for securing inflatable water rides, including wind ropes, expansion screws fixed to the ground (hardened ground), or ground anchors (unhardened ground); emergency response requirements for sudden power outages, practicing emergency response techniques for sudden events, and so on, which all need preparation.

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