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What are the shortcomings of water park equipment existed?

What are the shortcomings of water park equipment existed?

With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous increase of people's income level, the tertiary industry and the tourism industry continue to mature, and people's consumption concepts are constantly changing. More and more people are willing to go out and spend money to travel. This also provides a large consumption space for the development of water park equipment.

In recent years, with the construction of water parks in China, it has also achieved good results. But what about the future market of water parks? What can be done to achieve long-term development? This is also a problem faced by many operators! Below, we analyze the problems existing in the current water park!

1. Water park is a kind of water consumption project. For tourists, the quality of water is one of the main factors of their choice. The maintenance of water quality is a time-consuming and costly business.
2. The water park is a migratory bird project. Due to seasonal restrictions, the water park has a five- to six-month opening year. Maintenance costs are high when not open. How to avoid this disadvantage is the key to the long-term survival of the water park.
3. The pressure of operation and recycling is large, and similar products can replace competitors. Due to the seasonal project, the annual business hours are limited, and the opening revenue cannot fill the loss of business. Therefore, it is necessary to draw on the multi-brand culture, control the scale of operations, brand alliance, focus on the customer base of their own water parks, and engage in diversified theme activities in conjunction with social hotspots or cultural focus to attract more tourists.
4. Water park equipment has high damage rate and high reproducibility. Operators are required to carry out maintenance and maintenance every spring. For the park, the renewal of the water rides is a big expense, and the equipment that can be used is as good as possible.

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