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Safety operation management of water park   three / three

Safety operation management of water park three / three

Safety operation management of water park -three / three

XIEYI (Vice President of Wuhan Happy Valley):
There are a lot of accidental injuries in Water Park, various bumps and abrasions, etc. We counted this year, and the registered accidental injuries are about 0.5 per thousand. The scratches on water slides accounted for about 70 to 80 of them. One day the registration rate is higher, why? That is, we upgrade the slides and slides. During the play, visitors changed their posture, their elbows opened, and they encountered water slides. In response to this situation, we made some changes last year. From the beginning of the tourists line up, let him maintain a more correct and reasonable posture. When queuing up, videos, radios, and so on are designed to allow visitors to have such a consciousness during the queuing process before reaching the tower. We also set up a glass fiber reinforced plastic play pose model on the tower, so that tourists can understand what the pose is like before they go to the tower. During the taxiing of the tourist, his posture changed. On the one hand, it may be nervous, on the other hand, the pursuit may be more exciting. Aiming at the nervous tourists, we guided the tourists to do aerobics to relieve his knots. In fact, doing aerobics is really a culture of our Happy Valley Water Park. After working in these areas, the amount of abrasion on our water slides has indeed decreased. On the other hand, we also added some measures to reduce the abrasions after reaching out. In these types of slides, we ask visitors to bring elbow pads, so accidental injuries are greatly reduced. In addition, because many of our floating rafts are inside water slides, after the tourists get on the floating rafts, the external force of the staff is required to push them. In this case, some unexpected situations will occur. This accident happened to the employee, because the employee pushed the floating raft, he went accidentally by himself. We made improvements, and made a slider on it so that employees can only move a certain distance.

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