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Four types of water park development-water park slide design

Four types of water park development-water park slide design

Whether it is a theme park, real estate business or tourist scenic spot, almost every industry is the same. When this industry develops extensively to a certain number and reaches a certain scale, the next face is a comprehensive shuffle of the industry. Single varieties, simple performance, low-end quality, small scale, extensive operation will gradually withdraw from the market. Instead, it will transform and upgrade to the areas of excellence, personality, and professionalism. Both the product and the technology will go to a higher level.

For the water park, which with lots of water slides, it will also gradually enter the era of all-round transformation and upgrading of the amusement equipment update, water park ultraviolet disinfection and other disinfection equipment updates, functional positioning, amusement experience, and business model. At the same time, personalized, compound, and theme water parks will gradually become the highlights of investment and consumption, and the water park market will be more segmented.

In addition, in recent years, the requirements for EIA testing have become more and more strict, and gradually the outbreak of the water park has stabilized, and regulated the standardization of the entire industry in the development process. There are four basic types of water parks:

Vacation supporting type, supporting water park with water slides in tourist resort area;

Amusement complex, a water slide area in a large theme park;

Commercial supporting type, small water park in commercial complex;

Single independent type, a single water park with independent operation capabilities.

Regardless of the type, in the process of investment and operation, the overall layout of the water slide in the water park must have a global perspective. It is possible to anticipate the actual form and spatial form of the park ’s environment, and consider its functions, economy, and art. The various factors in the plan cooperate with each other to form an organic whole, so that the space environment of the park can fully serve the theme.

When establishing the theme type, content and style of the theme park, the water park should consider the planning of the location of each theme area and the transition and separation between each other, so as to truly create a beautiful natural environment and achieve a reasonable layout. It is often impossible for tourists to maintain emotional and physical input for a long time. Therefore, a successful water park must emphasize a rhythm-a sequence sequence of "prologue-climax-relax transition-climax" when organizing areas and separating areas, allowing visitors to inadvertently in different spaces Can play happily.

In water parks, water is used as a carrier, and there are creative amusement facilities for recreational facilities and leisure spaces; while using water to enjoy and rest, it delivers a thrilling and complex dynamic aquatic function. Theme parks create romance and dreams, experience thrills, and also include facilities such as hot springs and spas to provide entertainment and help the health of citizens; while meeting the needs of men and women, children, families, groups, rest and meetings, activities, etc. The factors to be considered in the process of packaging and positioning of the cultural theme of the product are the following points.

①  User group

Different players like different items, like children may prefer some exciting and colorful items, and such groups are usually more agile and imitative. Usually an item can be played repeatedly, such as water slides, mushroom houses, such items It should be placed near the entrance, which can instantly stimulate children's playability. The older ones may be more peaceful and cool, such as water house and wave pool. This kind of project can be placed in the middle, and it is more suitable for the tired people to relax here.

Young people are more curious, so they tend to be more exciting and interesting projects, such as big speakers, flying to the sky and other projects. Such projects can be placed a little further away, because young people are more curious and have the spirit of exploration and strength strong.

Peripheral service packages

Peripheral service packages mainly include restaurants, showers, toilets and supermarkets. This is also a part of our design. We must consider the size of the park and the behavior habits of the crowd on a day trip, and arrange the equipment and surrounding facilities reasonably. It is recommended that the bathing room be placed at the entrance, which is helpful for everyone to enter and exit the water park to change clothes. It is better not to build all restaurants in one place, but to set them according to the distance of the equipment and considering the entire route at the same time. For example, place the loudspeaker and the end of the rafting on the edge of the park, and open a restaurant again.

Match with the overall environment of the park

For example, placing the pirate ship next to the wave pool or the swimming pool has visual enjoyment while having fun. Of course, it may be too exciting and too fun to miss this part. But the environment is very important, because he is conducive to inspiring everyone's mood for playing, and it is also conducive to players linking one by one.

Security issues cannot be ignored

This is the top priority of the water park, which is why it is recommended that children's players' equipment, like small water slides and water plays be built in the most conspicuous and entrance place. Children's own safety awareness is relatively weak, and their self-rescue ability is relatively poor. And those stimulating items are placed on the edge, which is conducive to the security personnel to monitor the whole process. Of course, the most important thing is that the quality of the equipment passes, and the gamers strictly follow the game guide.

water slide

With the rapid development of the tourism economy, people's requirements and expectations for tourism products are getting higher and higher, and the spirit of cultural creativity is also more and more important. The pure water park equipment stacking can no longer meet the more experience needs of tourists. Paradise competition will be the competition of theme culture.

In summary: if the water park planning and design can tap local characteristic elements as ideas to create, the water park can be unique, or have a clear "IP" theme, can also become an eye-catching highlight, remember that "mediocre" to only water entertainment equipment Without such a "soul", such a water park with water slides cannot attract tourists to make two or three purchases. This is the "emphasis" of water park design for water park investors. Only innovative "themes" can attract more tourists and generate benefits.

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