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How to Make Decoration on Water Park?

How to Make Decoration on Water Park?

Now take Paradise Springs as an example here:

To keep the outdoor surfaces as cool as possible and reduce the risk of slipping and falling, project managers chose light-colored concrete with four different types of texture treatments: a hardwood plank stamp, a cleft granite stamp, a broom finish and a troweled-in millet seed finish. Hired for the job was Watauga, Texas-based Lonestar Concrete Systems, a 10-year-old decorative concrete installation company specializing in polishing, stamping, acid staining and countertops.

On 29,000 square feet of Paradise Springs’ patio and pool deck areas, Lonestar workers led by Steve Sanchez and Alvaro Camarillo installed integrally colored concrete in a custom-blended buff shade, troweled in millet seeds to add texture to the concrete and sealed the surfaces with Seal Pro 300, a penetrating acrylic sealer that’s designed to provide UV resistance and was used throughout the project. About 24,000 square feet of concrete was integrally colored in the same shade, stamped to produce the look of cleft granite using Butterfield Color’s River Bottom texture mats and highlighted with white color hardener. To recreate the look of a boardwalk on 8,000 square feet of outdoor surfaces, workers used release powder in a walnut shade and Proline Concrete Tools’ Random Boardwalk 6-inch Wood Plank. The remaining 4,000 square feet of outdoor concrete was broom-finished and broadcast with white color hardener. Lonestar added a unique touch near the park’s entrance by stamping the area with horseshoes in addition to using River Bottom texture mats.

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