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Make good use of festival and card for water park equipment

Make good use of festival and card for water park equipment

1. Festival Promotion Activities

Festival promotions are common in Department stores, shopping malls or shopping malls. Children's water park equipment can also be cited in marketing, because festivals are the best time for families to travel. When planning Festival promotional activities, we should plan special festival garden activities according to different festivals. It is worth mentioning that Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween and other Western festivals are more and more used in the activities planning of theme parks, and bring more people to this commercial atmosphere, which should be paid attention to.

Inviting celebrities or celebrities who have a certain influence in society to participate in marketing activities is no longer a strange thing, but the impact of this method has always been considerable. Some large aquatic parks may hold and invite stars to participate in various water sports competitions, which attract the attention of the media and fans.

Of course, not only celebrities and celebrities have such media influence, such as Changlong Water Paradise to carry out electronic syllables, Xiamen Fangte Paradise to invite thousands of bikinis to build momentum and other large-scale activities, coupled with television or newspaper or network media reports fermentation, can attract more people's attention, thereby improving the water park's popularity and exposure, to achieve publicity. The purpose of water park.

2. Promotion of Tourist Card and Membership Card

At present, leisure vacation tourism is becoming more and more popular. Relevant enterprises and tourism companies have begun to issue travel preferential cards. Even some children's amusement parks or leisure industries issue their own membership cards. These discount cards or membership cards are not only an invisible currency circulating in the market, but also a propaganda medium for marketing and promoting company products. The issuance of discount cards or membership cards must give cardholders or consumers a feeling of value for money. Otherwise, it would be counterproductive.

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