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zoom water park equipment

The zoo is an amusement and ornamental park which consists of animal husbandry exhibition, breeding research and science education. There are more and more zoos being expanded with theme parks such as the Caribbean water world in recent years, adding new elements of a thrill for the scenic spot.

The water facilities in the zoo are built in the images of animals. For example, the visitors shot water with snail-shaped equipment on the warship. When the target "Insect Legion" was shot, it will imitate animals to spray, raise hand and hide, accompanied by cheerful music and efficient language. The frog lord on the lotus leaf sprays water to attack the tourists with a sense of participation and interaction, which makes the tourists do not want to leave.

This kind of comprehensive zoo was built for a reason. Basically the water park in the operation period is full of visitors. The construction cycle of a water park is usually as long as 0.5-1 year. In the case of normal operation, the cost can be recovered in the first one or two years, and then the park will gain profits in the third year. There are some very well-operated water parks gaining profits in the first year. As a new theme park, the water park is integrated with the zoo in terms of tourist resources, which can greatly promote the development of tourism industry.

However, many water parks are just duplicated projects. Combining the zoo with the water parks is a very innovative idea. But to finally win the hearts of tourists, we must pay more attention to innovation and quality. According to the analysis and statistics of the inspection data of the amusement facilities in recent years, a series of quality problems and safety problems still exist. Therefore, we hope that the water amusement equipment can really become an advantage of the expanded zoo.

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