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Design of moving line of parking lot and entrance-1

Design of moving line of parking lot and entrance-1

Design of moving line of parking lot and entrance-1

When we talk about theme parks, most people will think of the happy atmosphere, comfortable environment, rich amusement experience projects and so on. But in addition to these, I think many people will say that it is the entrance gate of the park, because it is the most intuitive visual impression you can see when stepping into the park, and the first focus you can see before entering the park. As a designer and builder of theme park, what we need to pay attention to is not only a facade, but also everything we can see or touch. This may be external roads, landscape on both sides, eye-catching signs, clean parking lot and humanized traffic. Today's creative design and sharing is the most full-featured theme park parking lot Dynamic design analysis.

Point 1: Eight design principles of parking lot

① Parking lot shall be flat and solid           

This is the simplest design principle. If the first step to enter the park is in a dilapidated site, you will feel that the park you are going to is better;           

② Lighting and fire fighting facilities are required in the site           

In addition to the standard requirements, it can also bring safety and warmth to tourists;            ③ Separate entrances and exits           

It is convenient for traffic flow, parking area and management;           

③ Green isolation line between blocks           

It is not only beneficial to safety, but also increases the sight of tourists with green scenery;            ⑤Parking rules at entrance           

The security shall be under the direct control of a specially assigned person;           

⑥ There are striking signs to guide tourists to park, and the charging standard should be publicized to avoid disputes;          

⑦ Set up fire control management system           

In case of fire accidents, it shall be reported in time, and evacuation shall be convenient and safe;            ⑧Intelligent parking information management system should be established           

This is conducive to improving the efficiency of the parking lot.

Point 2: Category of parking lot

In the planning and design of parking lot, the parking lot is generally set as fixed parking lot and temporary parking lot according to different traffic modes of tourists.           

1. Fixed parking           

It mainly aims at the parking demand of team passengers and self driving passengers.            The fixed parking lot is divided into four types of parking lot for tourists, including bus, car, motorcycle bike and VIP parking lot, followed by parking lot for internal employees.

---Bus parking---

According to the design standard of parking space in China, the length of the car is not more than 6m and the width of the car is not more than 1.8m, the distance between the car and the car is not less than 0.5m, and the distance between the car and the wall and the end of the parking space is not less than 0.5m. The vehicle length is more than 6m but not more than 8m, the vehicle width is more than 1.8m and not more than 2.2M, and the specified distance between vehicles is not less than 0.7m. According to the current design standard of bus, it is generally about 10m-12m, so the width is guaranteed to be 4m, and the turning radius is considered to determine the parking space length.

When planning bus parking lot, we can plan a rest room for drivers and tour guides (guide room) on the edge of the site, with separate toilet, magazine, computer, hot water and other service functions; because the past scenic spots consider the personal hygiene and quality problems of drivers and tour guides, the guide room is often set at a certain distance from the tourist experience area to avoid unnecessary for tourists Interference.

---Car parking---

The width of the main passage in the car park shall not be less than 6m. The parking mode in the car park shall be based on the principle of small floor area, convenient evacuation and safety assurance. Other design standards shall be set according to the design requirements of relevant specifications.

If the parking area is limited, underground parking lot and three-dimensional parking building can be considered.

---Basement Parking---

The design of the underground parking lot needs to pay attention to the location of the underground parking lot in the general plan, which should be convenient for access, strictly separated from the sidewalk, and far away from the main road of the site. The location of the car ramp should be as close to the entrance as possible to reduce the impact of the car noise and the interference of the car light line at night. And according to the code design, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of underground entrances and exits, car ramps, road width, clear height requirements, civil air defense design, etc.

---Parking building---

When going out of the underground parking lot, parking buildings can also be set up in the ground space. When the parking space index of the parking building is more than 50, the number of entrances and exits shall not be less than 2; when it is more than 500, the number of entrances and exits shall not be less than 3.

There are many parking lots in the park, including Changzhou Dinosaur Park, which used the three-dimensional parking lot in the early days to solve the parking problem, and only after the subsequent adjustment of the entrance, the ground parking lot was adopted.

Compared with the parking lot of the early Park, the planning and design of the current parking lot is more humanized. In the early stage of the planning, the parking spaces for the disabled and charging stations for new energy vehicles will be fully considered.

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