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Water Park Equipment -- The Tsunami Pool (The Vacuum Wave-making Equipment)

Water Park Equipment -- The Tsunami Pool (The Vacuum Wave-making Equipment)

By the vacuum wave-making equipment, the tsunami pool generates 3-meter-high waves, which can excite the tourists on the shore and trigger them to try the thrill of torrent surfing as if to conquer the rage sea. Crowned by its popularity, the tsunami pool can be tailor-made into various sizes in accordance with customer demands and site conditions and even into the one that can be shared by thousands of players at the same time.

"The formation principle of alpine tsunami " : The artificial tsunami is based on the real one’s principle with a tank placed at the back quickly releasing the water inside to form tsunami-like waves. The wave-making equipment pumps out the air inside the chamber of the engine room rising the water level. With the chamber valve opened, comes back the air, pushing the water out rapidly and then forming one huge wave. One by one, the waves can be yielded continuously by repeating the steps.

The wave-making machine adopted by the alpine tsunami pool is a vacuum one, "a giant with a mouthful of kilotons of water spurting all out in one gulp" .

The tsunami pools of Haisan can create diversified waves. Since the vacuum wave machine takes some time to be "mouthful of water", there will be a certain interval between tides of waves. The raging tsunami pool roars every time before its spurt as the alarm of its wave attacks.

The alpine tsunami pool is of tremendous excitement. Whether brave tide-leaders or leisure wave-followers, all can release pressure by enjoying the thrill of the tsunami pool.

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